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#ifndef mozilla_LinuxUtils_h
#define mozilla_LinuxUtils_h

#if defined(XP_LINUX)

#include <unistd.h>
#include "nsString.h"

namespace mozilla {

class LinuxUtils
  // Obtain the name of a thread, omitting any numeric suffix added by a
  // thread pool library (as in, e.g., "Binder_2" or "mozStorage #1").
  // The empty string is returned on error.
  // Note: if this is ever needed on kernels older than 2.6.33 (early 2010),
  // it will have to parse /proc/<pid>/status instead, because
  // /proc/<pid>/comm didn't exist before then.
  static void GetThreadName(pid_t aTid, nsACString& aName);


#endif // XP_LINUX