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To allow altoptions.m4 to be shared by both the main Mozilla and the SpiderMonkey build code, sincluding it shouldn't have any side effects. Since only Mozilla wants the side effect, move it to Mozilla's aclocal.m4.

#! /bin/sh
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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

# mozconfig2client-mk - Translates .mozconfig into options for
#    Prints defines to stdout.
# See mozconfig2configure for more details

print_header() {
  cat >> $tmp_file <<EOF
# gmake
# This file is automatically generated for
# Do not edit. Edit $_mozconfig instead.
# To create a new .mozconfig file, you can visit,


ac_add_options() {
  echo "# $* is used by configure (not" >> $tmp_file

ac_add_app_options() {
  echo "# $* is used by configure (not" >> $tmp_file

mk_add_options() {
  for _opt
    # Escape shell characters, space, tab, dollar, quote, backslash,
    # and substitute '@<word>@' with '$(<word>)'.
    _opt=`echo "$_opt" | sed -e 's/\([\"\\]\)/\\\1/g; s/@\([^@]*\)@/\$(\1)/g;'`
    echo $_opt;
  done >> $tmp_file

mk_echo_options() {
  echo "Adding options from $MOZCONFIG:"
  for _opt in $opts; do
    echo "    $_opt"

# Main

scriptdir=`dirname $0`

trap "rm -f $tmp_file; exit 1" 1 2 15

MOZCONFIG=`$scriptdir/mozconfig-find $topsrcdir`

print_header > $tmp_file

# If the path changes, configure should be rerun
echo "# PATH=$PATH" >> $tmp_file

if [ "$MOZCONFIG" ]

if [ "$opts" ]; then

if test -f $out_file && cmp -s $tmp_file $out_file; then
  rm $tmp_file
  mv -f $tmp_file $out_file