author James Teh <>
Thu, 07 Mar 2019 18:10:13 +0000
changeset 520910 c26d4a8d43c4d0d6f6e13135b8f35924123fe99e
parent 395266 c8df499e005abc1438c394dfa72257e369097d7d
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Bug 1527922: Ensure the Reload button is disabled when testing against blank tabs in the browser toolbar key nav tests. r=Gijs For a blank tab, the Reload button should be disabled. These tests depend on this. This seems to be true when setting the new tab page to blank in Firefox Options. However, when we open about:blank with BrowserTestUtils.withNewTab, this is unreliable. That is, sometimes the Reload button is enabled, sometimes it isn't. I don't understand why this happens. For the purposes of these tests, just force the Reload button to be disabled for new, blank tabs so we get consistent results. Differential Revision:

diff --git a/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample.c b/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample.c
--- a/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample.c
+++ b/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample.c
@@ -1141,18 +1141,19 @@ EXPORT int speex_resampler_set_rate_frac
    st->num_rate /= fact;
    st->den_rate /= fact;
    if (old_den > 0)
       for (i=0;i<st->nb_channels;i++)
-         if (_muldiv(&st->samp_frac_num[i],st->samp_frac_num[i],st->den_rate,old_den) != RESAMPLER_ERR_SUCCESS)
-            return RESAMPLER_ERR_OVERFLOW;
+         if (_muldiv(&st->samp_frac_num[i],st->samp_frac_num[i],st->den_rate,old_den) != RESAMPLER_ERR_SUCCESS) {
+           st->samp_frac_num[i] = st->den_rate-1;
+         }
          /* Safety net */
          if (st->samp_frac_num[i] >= st->den_rate)
             st->samp_frac_num[i] = st->den_rate-1;
    if (st->initialised)
       return update_filter(st);