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Bug 1505343 - Part 1: Rename binsource => binast. r=Yoric Differential Revision:

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#include <atk/atk.h>

namespace mozilla {
namespace a11y {

class AccessibleWrap;

}  // namespace a11y
}  // namespace mozilla

extern "C" {
void actionInterfaceInitCB(AtkActionIface* aIface);
void componentInterfaceInitCB(AtkComponentIface* aIface);
void documentInterfaceInitCB(AtkDocumentIface* aIface);
void editableTextInterfaceInitCB(AtkEditableTextIface* aIface);
void hyperlinkImplInterfaceInitCB(AtkHyperlinkImplIface* aIface);
void hypertextInterfaceInitCB(AtkHypertextIface* aIface);
void imageInterfaceInitCB(AtkImageIface* aIface);
void selectionInterfaceInitCB(AtkSelectionIface* aIface);
void tableInterfaceInitCB(AtkTableIface* aIface);
void tableCellInterfaceInitCB(AtkTableCellIface* aIface);
void textInterfaceInitCB(AtkTextIface* aIface);
void valueInterfaceInitCB(AtkValueIface* aIface);

 * XXX these should live in a file of utils for atk.
AtkObject* refAccessibleAtPointHelper(AtkObject* aAtkObj, gint aX, gint aY,
                                      AtkCoordType aCoordType);
void getExtentsHelper(AtkObject* aAtkObj, gint* aX, gint* aY, gint* aWidth,
                      gint* aHeight, AtkCoordType aCoordType);