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Bug 780718 - Return false from DOMRequestService is preventDefault was called on events. r=sicking

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#include "nsIDOMEventTarget.idl"

interface nsIDOMDOMError;
interface nsIDOMWindow;

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(a3ad2846-ffb2-48d7-a786-2254cb82560d)]
interface nsIDOMDOMRequest : nsIDOMEventTarget
  readonly attribute DOMString readyState; // "pending" or "done"

  readonly attribute jsval result;
  readonly attribute nsIDOMDOMError error;

  attribute nsIDOMEventListener onsuccess;
  attribute nsIDOMEventListener onerror;

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(46afe27a-d407-4eb8-95c4-aefbd2b63540)]
interface nsIDOMRequestService : nsISupports
  nsIDOMDOMRequest createRequest(in nsIDOMWindow window);

  bool fireSuccess(in nsIDOMDOMRequest request, in jsval result);
  bool fireError(in nsIDOMDOMRequest request, in DOMString error);