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Back out 5ddda2b25e28 and 3abfdb807a4f (bug 699258) for crashes in WinXP tests

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/* nsIVariant based Property Bag support. */

#include "nsIPropertyBag2.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(9cfd1587-360e-4957-a58f-4c2b1c5e7ed9)]
interface nsIWritablePropertyBag2 : nsIPropertyBag2
  void        setPropertyAsInt32       (in AString prop, in PRInt32 value);
  void        setPropertyAsUint32      (in AString prop, in PRUint32 value);
  void        setPropertyAsInt64       (in AString prop, in PRInt64 value);
  void        setPropertyAsUint64      (in AString prop, in PRUint64 value);
  void        setPropertyAsDouble      (in AString prop, in double value);
  void        setPropertyAsAString     (in AString prop, in AString value);
  void        setPropertyAsACString    (in AString prop, in ACString value);
  void        setPropertyAsAUTF8String (in AString prop, in AUTF8String value);
  void        setPropertyAsBool        (in AString prop, in boolean value);
  void        setPropertyAsInterface   (in AString prop, in nsISupports value);