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/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

#include "nsIArray.idl"
#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIFormatConverter.idl"
#include "nsIContentPolicy.idl"

interface nsIPrincipal;

%{ C++

// these probably shouldn't live here, but in some central repository shared
// by the entire app.
#define kTextMime                   "text/plain"
#define kRTFMime                    "text/rtf"
#define kUnicodeMime                "text/unicode"
#define kMozTextInternal          "text/x-moz-text-internal"  // text data which isn't suppoed to be parsed by other apps.
#define kHTMLMime                   "text/html"
#define kAOLMailMime                "AOLMAIL"
#define kPNGImageMime               "image/png"
#define kJPEGImageMime              "image/jpeg"
#define kJPGImageMime               "image/jpg"
#define kGIFImageMime               "image/gif"
#define kFileMime                   "application/x-moz-file"

#define kURLMime                    "text/x-moz-url"        // data contains url\ntitle
#define kURLDataMime                "text/x-moz-url-data"   // data contains url only
#define kURLDescriptionMime         "text/x-moz-url-desc"   // data contains description
#define kURLPrivateMime             "text/x-moz-url-priv"   // same as kURLDataMime but for private uses
#define kNativeImageMime            "application/x-moz-nativeimage"
#define kNativeHTMLMime             "application/x-moz-nativehtml"

// These are used to indicate the context for a fragment of HTML source, such
// that some parent structure and style can be preserved. kHTMLContext
// contains the serialized ancestor elements, whereas kHTMLInfo are numbers
// identifying where in the context the fragment was from.
#define kHTMLContext   "text/_moz_htmlcontext"
#define kHTMLInfo      "text/_moz_htmlinfo"

// Holds the MIME type from the image request. This is used to ensure the
// local application handler for the request's MIME type accepts images with
// the given filename extension (from kFilePromiseDestFilename). When the
// image is dragged out, we replace the extension with a compatible extension.
#define kImageRequestMime           "text/_moz_requestmime"

// the source URL for a file promise
#define kFilePromiseURLMime         "application/x-moz-file-promise-url"
// the destination filename for a file promise
#define kFilePromiseDestFilename    "application/x-moz-file-promise-dest-filename"
// a dataless flavor used to interact with the OS during file drags
#define kFilePromiseMime            "application/x-moz-file-promise"
// a synthetic flavor, put into the transferable once we know the destination directory of a file drag
#define kFilePromiseDirectoryMime   "application/x-moz-file-promise-dir"

#define kCustomTypesMime "application/x-moz-custom-clipdata"


  * nsIFlavorDataProvider allows a flavor to 'promise' data later,
  * supplying the data lazily.
  * To use it, call setTransferData, passing the flavor string,
  * a nsIFlavorDataProvider QI'd to nsISupports, and a data size of 0.
  * When someone calls getTransferData later, if the data size is
  * stored as 0, the nsISupports will be QI'd to nsIFlavorDataProvider,
  * and its getFlavorData called.
interface nsITransferable;
interface nsILoadContext;

[scriptable, uuid(7E225E5F-711C-11D7-9FAE-000393636592)]
interface nsIFlavorDataProvider : nsISupports

    * Retrieve the data from this data provider.
    * @param  aTransferable (in parameter) the transferable we're being called for.
    * @param  aFlavor (in parameter) the flavor of data to retrieve
    * @param  aData the data. Some variant of class in nsISupportsPrimitives.idl
  void getFlavorData(in nsITransferable aTransferable, in string aFlavor, out nsISupports aData);

[scriptable, uuid(97e0c418-1c1e-4106-bad1-9fcb11dff2fe)]
interface nsITransferable : nsISupports
   * Initializes a transferable object.  This should be called on all
   * transferable objects.  Failure to do so will result in fatal assertions in
   * debug builds.
   * The load context is used to track whether the transferable is storing privacy-
   * sensitive information.  For example, we try to delete data that you copy
   * to the clipboard when you close a Private Browsing window.
   * To get the appropriate load context in Javascript callers, one needs to get
   * to the document that the transferable corresponds to, and then get the load
   * context from the document like this:
   * var loadContext = doc.defaultView.docShell
   *                                  .QueryInterface(Ci.nsILoadContext);
   * In C++ callers, if you have the corresponding document, you can just call
   * Document::GetLoadContext to get to the load context object.
   * @param aContext the load context associated with the transferable object.
   *        This can be set to null if a load context is not available.
  void init(in nsILoadContext aContext);

    * Computes a list of flavors that the transferable can export, either
    * through intrinsic knowledge or output data converters.
  Array<ACString> flavorsTransferableCanExport();

    * Given a flavor retrieve the data.
    * @param  aFlavor (in parameter) the flavor of data to retrieve
    * @param  aData the data. Some variant of class in nsISupportsPrimitives.idl
  [must_use] void getTransferData(in string aFlavor, out nsISupports aData);

    * Returns the best flavor in the transferable, given those that have
    * been added to it with |AddFlavor()|
    * @param  aFlavor (out parameter) the flavor of data that was retrieved
    * @param  aData the data. Some variant of class in nsISupportsPrimitives.idl
  void getAnyTransferData(out ACString aFlavor, out nsISupports aData);

    // Setter part of interface 

    * Computes a list of flavors that the transferable can
    * accept into it, either through intrinsic knowledge or input data converters.
  Array<ACString> flavorsTransferableCanImport();

    * Sets the data in the transferable with the specified flavor. The transferable
    * will maintain its own copy the data, so it is not necessary to do that beforehand.
    * @param  aFlavor the flavor of data that is being set
    * @param  aData the data, either some variant of class in nsISupportsPrimitives.idl,
    *         an nsIFile, or an nsIFlavorDataProvider (see above)
    * @param  aDataLen the length of the data, or 0 if passing a nsIFlavorDataProvider
  void setTransferData(in string aFlavor, in nsISupports aData);

    * Add the data flavor, indicating that this transferable 
    * can receive this type of flavor
    * @param  aDataFlavor a new data flavor to handle
  void addDataFlavor ( in string aDataFlavor ) ;

    * Removes the data flavor matching the given one (string compare) and the data
    * that goes along with it.
    * @param  aDataFlavor a data flavor to remove
  void removeDataFlavor ( in string aDataFlavor ) ;

  attribute nsIFormatConverter converter;

   * Use of the SetIsPrivateData() method generated by isPrivateData attribute should 
   * be avoided as much as possible because the value set may not reflect the status 
   * of the context in which the transferable was created.
  [notxpcom, nostdcall] attribute boolean isPrivateData;

   * The principal of the source dom node this transferable was
   * created from and the contentPolicyType for the transferable.
   * Note, currently only used on Windows for network principal and
   * contentPolicyType information in clipboard and drag operations.
  [notxpcom, nostdcall] attribute nsIPrincipal requestingPrincipal;
  [notxpcom, nostdcall] attribute nsContentPolicyType contentPolicyType;