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Bug 1320408 - Part 14: Change some GlobalObject methods to static method. r=jandem

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Test inheritance through fieldsets and legends</title>
       * The idea is that "color" inherits by default while "border-color" does
       * not.  So if the former is red and the latter is green on a parent, and
       * the child's border-color is set to "inherit", it'll be green only if
       * the child is inheriting from the parent.  If not, it'll either be
       * whatever the border-color is on what it's inheriting from, which will
       * be red if what it's inheriting from has the default (currentColor)
       * border-color).
      /* 't' for "test" */
      * { color: red; border: 0px hidden red; background: transparent }
      .t { border-color: green }
      .t > :first-child
        { border-color: inherit; border-style: solid; border-width: 10px }
      function make(str) {
        return document.createElement(str);

      window.onload = function() {
    <fieldset class="t"><div></div></fieldset>
    <fieldset><legend class="t"><span></span></legend></fieldset>
    <fieldset class="t" id="f"></fieldset>
    <fieldset><legend class="t" id="l"></legend></fieldset>