author Gregory Szorc <>
Tue, 07 Nov 2017 16:38:39 -0800
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Bug 1412932 - Switch to PGO build in; r=ted Previously, made the decision of whether to perform a PGO build. This required passing around MOZ_PGO and invoking a separate make target if this variable was set. In this commit, we move this logic to We employ a special mechanism in to override the default make target so `make` evaluates "profiledbuild" if MOZ_PGO is set. This also required using an explicit target for $(MAKE) invocations inside the "profiledbuild" rule to avoid infinite recursion. MozReview-Commit-ID: 8sHiVspMisM

    description: "Use 'disable=<reason>' to disable a test instead of a comment"
        - "**/*.ini"
        - "**/application.ini"
        - "**/l10n.ini"
        - testing/mozbase/manifestparser/tests
        - testing/web-platform
        - xpcom/tests/unit/data
    extensions: ['ini']
    type: regex
    payload: ^[ \t]*(#|;)[ \t]*\[