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Bug 1286075: add more functionality to the task description; r=mshal The task description now includes * flexible specification of index routes (this will get simpler once buildbot and gecko.v1 routes are removed) * "run-on-projects", indicating the projects on which this task should run * "{level}" is allowed in workerTypes * For the docker-worker/docker-engine worker implementations, "docker-image" can have the form {in-tree: in-tree-name} to use an in-tree image. This was previously implemented in the test transforms, but it is useful for other tasks too! * Optimizations, currently limited to "only-if-files-changed", can be specified for each task. * TreeHerder groupSymbol is optional * expires-after and and deadline-after have default values (with the former differing for try and non-try) * coalesce-name triggers creation of both a coalesce route and a superseder URL MozReview-Commit-ID: 70vtYs5lz5P

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
These transforms construct a task description to run the given test, based on a
test description.  The implementation here is shared among all test kinds, but
contains specific support for how we run tests in Gecko (via mozharness,
invoked in particular ways).

This is a good place to translate a test-description option such as
`single-core: true` to the implementation of that option in a task description
(worker options, mozharness commandline, environment variables, etc.)

The test description should be fully formed by the time it reaches these
transforms, and these transforms should not embody any specific knowledge about
what should run where. this is the wrong place for special-casing platforms,
for example - use `all_tests.py` instead.

from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals

from taskgraph.transforms.base import TransformSequence

import logging

ARTIFACT_URL = 'https://queue.taskcluster.net/v1/task/{}/artifacts/{}'

    # (artifact name prefix, in-image path)
    ("public/logs/", "/home/worker/workspace/build/upload/logs/"),
    ("public/test", "/home/worker/artifacts/"),
    ("public/test_info/", "/home/worker/workspace/build/blobber_upload_dir/"),

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

transforms = TransformSequence()

def make_task_description(config, tests):
    """Convert *test* descriptions to *task* descriptions (input to

    for test in tests:
        label = '{}-{}-{}'.format(config.kind, test['test-platform'], test['test-name'])
        if test['chunks'] > 1:
            label += '-{}'.format(test['this-chunk'])

        build_label = test['build-label']

        unittest_try_name = test.get('unittest-try-name', test['test-name'])

        attr_build_platform, attr_build_type = test['build-platform'].split('/', 1)

        suite = test['suite']
        if '/' in suite:
            suite, flavor = suite.split('/', 1)
            flavor = suite

        attributes = test.get('attributes', {})
            'build_platform': attr_build_platform,
            'build_type': attr_build_type,
            # only keep the first portion of the test platform
            'test_platform': test['test-platform'].split('/')[0],
            'test_chunk': str(test['this-chunk']),
            'unittest_suite': suite,
            'unittest_flavor': flavor,
            'unittest_try_name': unittest_try_name,

        taskdesc = {}
        taskdesc['label'] = label
        taskdesc['description'] = test['description']
        taskdesc['attributes'] = attributes
        taskdesc['dependencies'] = {'build': build_label}
        taskdesc['deadline-after'] = '1 day'
        taskdesc['expires-after'] = test['expires-after']
        taskdesc['routes'] = []
        taskdesc['scopes'] = []
        taskdesc['extra'] = {
            'chunks': {
                'current': test['this-chunk'],
                'total': test['chunks'],
            'suite': {
                'name': suite,
                'flavor': flavor,
        taskdesc['treeherder'] = {
            'symbol': test['treeherder-symbol'],
            'kind': 'test',
            'tier': test['tier'],
            'platform': test.get('treeherder-machine-platform', test['build-platform']),

        # the remainder (the worker-type and worker) differs depending on the
        # worker implementation
        worker_setup_functions[test['worker-implementation']](config, test, taskdesc)

        # yield only the task description, discarding the test description
        yield taskdesc

worker_setup_functions = {}

def worker_setup_function(name):
    def wrap(func):
        worker_setup_functions[name] = func
        return func
    return wrap

def docker_worker_setup(config, test, taskdesc):
    mozharness = test['mozharness']

    installer_url = ARTIFACT_URL.format('<build>', mozharness['build-artifact-name'])
    test_packages_url = ARTIFACT_URL.format('<build>',
    mozharness_url = ARTIFACT_URL.format('<build>',

    taskdesc['worker-type'] = {
        'default': 'aws-provisioner-v1/desktop-test-large',
        'large': 'aws-provisioner-v1/desktop-test-large',
        'xlarge': 'aws-provisioner-v1/desktop-test-xlarge',
        'legacy': 'aws-provisioner-v1/desktop-test',

    worker = taskdesc['worker'] = {}
    worker['implementation'] = test['worker-implementation']
    worker['docker-image'] = test['docker-image']

    worker['allow-ptrace'] = True  # required for all tests, for crashreporter
    worker['relengapi-proxy'] = False  # but maybe enabled for tooltool below
    worker['loopback-video'] = test['loopback-video']
    worker['loopback-audio'] = test['loopback-audio']
    worker['max-run-time'] = test['max-run-time']

    worker['artifacts'] = [{
        'name': prefix,
        'path': path,
        'type': 'directory',
    } for (prefix, path) in ARTIFACTS]

    worker['caches'] = [{
        'type': 'persistent',
        'name': 'level-{}-{}-test-workspace'.format(
            config.params['level'], config.params['project']),
        'mount-point': "/home/worker/workspace",

    env = worker['env'] = {
        'GECKO_HEAD_REPOSITORY': config.params['head_repository'],
        'GECKO_HEAD_REV': config.params['head_rev'],
        'MOZHARNESS_CONFIG': ' '.join(mozharness['config']),
        'MOZHARNESS_SCRIPT': mozharness['script'],
        'MOZHARNESS_URL': {'task-reference': mozharness_url},
        'MOZILLA_BUILD_URL': {'task-reference': installer_url},
        'NEED_PULSEAUDIO': 'true',
        'NEED_WINDOW_MANAGER': 'true',

    if mozharness['set-moz-node-path']:
        env['MOZ_NODE_PATH'] = '/usr/local/bin/node'

    if 'actions' in mozharness:
        env['MOZHARNESS_ACTIONS'] = ' '.join(mozharness['actions'])

    # handle some of the mozharness-specific options

    if mozharness['tooltool-downloads']:
        worker['relengapi-proxy'] = True
            'type': 'persistent',
            'name': 'tooltool-cache',
            'mount-point': '/home/worker/tooltool-cache',

    # assemble the command line

    command = ["bash", "/home/worker/bin/test.sh"]
    if mozharness.get('no-read-buildbot-config'):
        {"task-reference": "--installer-url=" + installer_url},
        {"task-reference": "--test-packages-url=" + test_packages_url},
    command.extend(mozharness.get('extra-options', []))

    # TODO: remove the need for run['chunked']
    if mozharness.get('chunked') or test['chunks'] > 1:
        # Implement mozharness['chunking-args'], modifying command in place
        if mozharness['chunking-args'] == 'this-chunk':
        elif mozharness['chunking-args'] == 'test-suite-suffix':
            suffix = mozharness['chunk-suffix'].replace('<CHUNK>', str(test['this-chunk']))
            for i, c in enumerate(command):
                if isinstance(c, basestring) and c.startswith('--test-suite'):
                    command[i] += suffix

    if 'download-symbols' in mozharness:
        download_symbols = mozharness['download-symbols']
        download_symbols = {True: 'true', False: 'false'}.get(download_symbols, download_symbols)
        command.append('--download-symbols=' + download_symbols)

    worker['command'] = command