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Bug 623134: Add HTTP logging to track down the intermittent request timeouts. r=robstrong

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsILoginInfo;
interface nsIFrameLoaderOwner;

[scriptable, uuid(3f385080-aef5-11df-94e2-0800200c9a66)]

interface nsILoginManagerPrompter : nsISupports {
     * Initialize the prompter. Must be called before using other interfaces.
     * @param aBrowser
     *        A browser element in which the user is doing some
     *        login-related action in need to prompt them for something.
     *        The prompt will be associated with browser.
    void init(in nsIFrameLoaderOwner aBrowser);

     * Ask the user if they want to save a login (Yes, Never, Not Now)
     * @param aLogin
     *        The login to be saved.
    void promptToSavePassword(in nsILoginInfo aLogin);

     * Ask the user if they want to change a login's password. If the
     * user consents, modifyLogin() will be called.
     * @param aOldLogin
     *        The existing login (with the old password).
     * @param aNewLogin
     *        The new login.
    void promptToChangePassword(in nsILoginInfo aOldLogin,
                                in nsILoginInfo aNewLogin);

     * Ask the user if they want to change the password for one of
     * multiple logins, when the caller can't determine exactly which
     * login should be changed. If the user consents, modifyLogin() will
     * be called.
     * @param logins
     *        An array of existing logins.
     * @param count
     *        (length of the array)
     * @param aNewLogin
     *        The new login. 
     * Note: Because the caller does not know the username of the login
     *       to be changed, aNewLogin.username and aNewLogin.usernameField
     *       will be set (using the user's selection) before modifyLogin()
     *       is called.
    void promptToChangePasswordWithUsernames(
            [array, size_is(count)] in nsILoginInfo logins,
            in PRUint32 count,
            in nsILoginInfo aNewLogin);