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Bug 623134: Add HTTP logging to track down the intermittent request timeouts. r=robstrong

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#ifndef nsXBLContentSink_h__
#define nsXBLContentSink_h__

#include "nsXMLContentSink.h"
#include "nsXBLDocumentInfo.h"
#include "nsXBLPrototypeHandler.h"
#include "nsXBLProtoImpl.h"
#include "nsLayoutCID.h"

 * Enum that describes the primary state of the parsing process
typedef enum {
  eXBL_InDocument,       /* outside any bindings */
  eXBL_InBindings,       /* Inside a <bindings> element */
  eXBL_InBinding,        /* Inside a <binding> */
  eXBL_InResources,      /* Inside a <resources> */
  eXBL_InImplementation, /* Inside a <implementation> */
  eXBL_InHandlers,       /* Inside a <handlers> */
  eXBL_Error             /* An error has occurred.  Suspend binding construction */
} XBLPrimaryState;

 * Enum that describes our substate (typically when parsing something
 * like <handlers> or <implementation>).
typedef enum {
} XBLSecondaryState;

class nsXULPrototypeElement;
class nsXBLProtoImplMember;
class nsXBLProtoImplProperty;
class nsXBLProtoImplMethod;
class nsXBLProtoImplField;
class nsXBLPrototypeBinding;

// The XBL content sink overrides the XML content sink to
// builds its own lightweight data structures for the <resources>,
// <handlers>, <implementation>, and 

class nsXBLContentSink : public nsXMLContentSink {


  nsresult Init(nsIDocument* aDoc,
                nsIURI* aURL,
                nsISupports* aContainer);

  // nsIContentSink overrides
  NS_IMETHOD HandleStartElement(const PRUnichar *aName, 
                                const PRUnichar **aAtts, 
                                PRUint32 aAttsCount, 
                                PRInt32 aIndex, 
                                PRUint32 aLineNumber);

  NS_IMETHOD HandleEndElement(const PRUnichar *aName);
  NS_IMETHOD HandleCDataSection(const PRUnichar *aData, 
                                PRUint32 aLength);

    // nsXMLContentSink overrides
    virtual void MaybeStartLayout(PRBool aIgnorePendingSheets);

    PRBool OnOpenContainer(const PRUnichar **aAtts, 
                           PRUint32 aAttsCount, 
                           PRInt32 aNameSpaceID, 
                           nsIAtom* aTagName,
                           PRUint32 aLineNumber);

    PRBool NotifyForDocElement() { return PR_FALSE; }

    nsresult CreateElement(const PRUnichar** aAtts, PRUint32 aAttsCount,
                           nsINodeInfo* aNodeInfo, PRUint32 aLineNumber,
                           nsIContent** aResult, PRBool* aAppendContent,
                           mozilla::dom::FromParser aFromParser);
    nsresult AddAttributes(const PRUnichar** aAtts, 
                           nsIContent* aContent);

#ifdef MOZ_XUL    
    nsresult AddAttributesToXULPrototype(const PRUnichar **aAtts, 
                                         PRUint32 aAttsCount, 
                                         nsXULPrototypeElement* aElement);

    // Our own helpers for constructing XBL prototype objects.
    nsresult ConstructBinding(PRUint32 aLineNumber);
    void ConstructHandler(const PRUnichar **aAtts, PRUint32 aLineNumber);
    void ConstructResource(const PRUnichar **aAtts, nsIAtom* aResourceType);
    void ConstructImplementation(const PRUnichar **aAtts);
    void ConstructProperty(const PRUnichar **aAtts);
    void ConstructMethod(const PRUnichar **aAtts);
    void ConstructParameter(const PRUnichar **aAtts);
    void ConstructField(const PRUnichar **aAtts, PRUint32 aLineNumber);

  // nsXMLContentSink overrides
  nsresult FlushText(PRBool aReleaseTextNode = PR_TRUE);

  // nsIExpatSink overrides
  NS_IMETHOD ReportError(const PRUnichar* aErrorText,
                         const PRUnichar* aSourceText,
                         nsIScriptError *aError,
                         PRBool *_retval);

  nsresult ReportUnexpectedElement(nsIAtom* aElementName, PRUint32 aLineNumber);

  void AddMember(nsXBLProtoImplMember* aMember);
  void AddField(nsXBLProtoImplField* aField);
  XBLPrimaryState mState;
  XBLSecondaryState mSecondaryState;
  nsXBLDocumentInfo* mDocInfo;
  PRPackedBool mIsChromeOrResource; // For bug #45989
  PRPackedBool mFoundFirstBinding;

  nsXBLPrototypeBinding* mBinding;
  nsXBLPrototypeHandler* mHandler; // current handler, owned by its PrototypeBinding
  nsXBLProtoImpl* mImplementation;
  nsXBLProtoImplMember* mImplMember;
  nsXBLProtoImplField* mImplField;
  nsXBLProtoImplProperty* mProperty;
  nsXBLProtoImplMethod* mMethod;
  nsXBLProtoImplField* mField;

NS_NewXBLContentSink(nsIXMLContentSink** aResult,
                     nsIDocument* aDoc,
                     nsIURI* aURL,
                     nsISupports* aContainer);
#endif // nsXBLContentSink_h__