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Bug 1428339: followup: Add missing include that busts some builds on a CLOSED TREE. r=me MozReview-Commit-ID: AFaC5R2AZ8L

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 * Servo-backed specified value store, to be used when mapping presentation
 * attributes

#ifndef mozilla_ServoSpecifiedValues_h
#define mozilla_ServoSpecifiedValues_h

#include "mozilla/GenericSpecifiedValues.h"
#include "mozilla/ServoBindingTypes.h"
#include "nsStyleStruct.h"

namespace mozilla {

class ServoSpecifiedValues final : public GenericSpecifiedValues
  ServoSpecifiedValues(nsIDocument* aDocument, RawServoDeclarationBlock* aDecl)
    : GenericSpecifiedValues(StyleBackendType::Servo, aDocument, NS_STYLE_INHERIT_MASK)
    , mDecl(aDecl)

  // GenericSpecifiedValues overrides
  bool PropertyIsSet(nsCSSPropertyID aId);

  void SetIdentStringValue(nsCSSPropertyID aId, const nsString& aValue);

  void SetIdentAtomValue(nsCSSPropertyID aId, nsAtom* aValue);

  void SetKeywordValue(nsCSSPropertyID aId, int32_t aValue);

  void SetIntValue(nsCSSPropertyID aId, int32_t aValue);

  void SetPixelValue(nsCSSPropertyID aId, float aValue);

  void SetLengthValue(nsCSSPropertyID aId, nsCSSValue aValue);

  void SetNumberValue(nsCSSPropertyID aId, float aValue);

  void SetPercentValue(nsCSSPropertyID aId, float aValue);

  void SetAutoValue(nsCSSPropertyID aId);

  void SetCurrentColor(nsCSSPropertyID aId);

  void SetColorValue(nsCSSPropertyID aId, nscolor aValue);

  void SetFontFamily(const nsString& aValue);
  void SetTextDecorationColorOverride();
  void SetBackgroundImage(nsAttrValue& aValue);

  RefPtr<RawServoDeclarationBlock> mDecl;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_ServoSpecifiedValues_h