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Bug 1529749 [wpt PR 15321] - Added 2 new calc() tests with background-position, a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-tests Added 2 new calc() tests with background-position -- wpt-commits: 1e29498a87bc6da1fc2bd8fa36c5b8f7ec652d82 wpt-pr: 15321

<!DOCTYPE html>
      span {
        color: transparent; /* workaround for bug 617524 */
        outline: 1px solid green;
    <input><span>hide me</span>
    <input readonly>
    <input type=password><span>hide me</span>
    <input type=password readonly>
    <input type=email><span>hide me</span>
    <input type=email readonly>
    <textarea></textarea><span>hide me</span>
    <textarea readonly></textarea>