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Tue, 31 Jan 2012 04:24:16 -0800
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Bug 710176, Part 2: Import ssl_Poll fix from bug 542832, r=kaie

This directory contains patches that were added locally
on top of the NSS release.

bug-542832-ssl-restart-4.patch and bug-542832-ssl-restart-tstclnt-4.patch were
added so that we could test the new PSM SSL threading code (bug 674147) and
SPDY (bug 528288). bug-717906-lowhash was added to fix an issue with recent
Mozilla builds on fedora. bug-710176-ssl-restart-7-poll-v5.patch were added
to fix a bug 710176. These patches will be removed when the NSS 3.13.2
release that includes them is imported into mozilla-central.