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Annotate remainder of crashtest mainfests (all but one test) with the tests that are known to assert. (Bug 472557)

load 205735-1.xhtml
load 223799-1.xul
load 226744-1.xhtml
load 232095-1.xul
load 277523-1.xhtml
load 277950-1.xhtml
load 336744-1.html
asserts(0-1) load 336960-1.html # maybe bug 429586
load 342954-1.xhtml
load 342954-2.xhtml
load 368276-1.xhtml
load 368641-1.xhtml
load 378521-1.xhtml
load 382376-1.xhtml
load 382376-2.xhtml
load 397596-1.xhtml
load 404125-1.xhtml
load 406900-1.xul
load 406904-1.xhtml
load 406904-2.xhtml
load 415301-1.xul
load 418133-1.xhtml
load 415192-1.xul
load 420233-1.xhtml
load 421997-1.xhtml
load 432813-1.xhtml
load 454820-1.html
load 460665-1.xhtml
load 464863-1.xhtml
load 472260-1.xhtml
load 492978-1.xul
load 495354-1.xhtml