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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

 * Web-compatible algorithms that determine column and table widths,
 * used for CSS2's 'table-layout: auto'.

#ifndef BasicTableLayoutStrategy_h_
#define BasicTableLayoutStrategy_h_

#include "nsITableLayoutStrategy.h"

class nsTableFrame;

class BasicTableLayoutStrategy : public nsITableLayoutStrategy
    BasicTableLayoutStrategy(nsTableFrame *aTableFrame);
    virtual ~BasicTableLayoutStrategy();

    // nsITableLayoutStrategy implementation
    virtual nscoord GetMinWidth(nsRenderingContext* aRenderingContext);
    virtual nscoord GetPrefWidth(nsRenderingContext* aRenderingContext,
                                 bool aComputingSize);
    virtual void MarkIntrinsicWidthsDirty();
    virtual void ComputeColumnWidths(const nsHTMLReflowState& aReflowState);

    // NOTE: Using prefix "BTLS" to avoid overlapping names with 
    // the values of nsLayoutUtils::IntrinsicWidthType
    enum BtlsWidthType { BTLS_MIN_WIDTH, 
                         BTLS_FINAL_WIDTH };

    // Compute intrinsic width member variables on the columns.
    void ComputeColumnIntrinsicWidths(nsRenderingContext* aRenderingContext);

    // Distribute a colspanning cell's percent width (if any) to its columns.
    void DistributePctWidthToColumns(float aSpanPrefPct,
                                     PRInt32 aFirstCol,
                                     PRInt32 aColCount);

    // Distribute a width of some BltsWidthType type to a set of columns.
    //  aWidth: The amount of width to be distributed
    //  aFirstCol: The index (in the table) of the first column to be
    //             considered for receiving width
    //  aColCount: The number of consecutive columns (starting with aFirstCol)
    //             to be considered for receiving width
    //  aWidthType: The type of width being distributed.  (BTLS_MIN_WIDTH and
    //              BTLS_PREF_WIDTH are intended to be used for dividing up
    //              colspan's min & pref width.  BTLS_FINAL_WIDTH is intended
    //              to be used for distributing the table's final width across
    //              all its columns)
    //  aSpanHasSpecifiedWidth: Should be true iff:
    //                           - We're distributing a colspanning cell's
    //                             pref or min width to its columns
    //                           - The colspanning cell has a specified width.
    void DistributeWidthToColumns(nscoord aWidth, 
                                  PRInt32 aFirstCol, 
                                  PRInt32 aColCount,
                                  BtlsWidthType aWidthType,
                                  bool aSpanHasSpecifiedWidth);

    // Compute the min and pref widths of the table from the width
    // variables on the columns.
    void ComputeIntrinsicWidths(nsRenderingContext* aRenderingContext);

    nsTableFrame *mTableFrame;
    nscoord mMinWidth;
    nscoord mPrefWidth;
    nscoord mPrefWidthPctExpand;
    nscoord mLastCalcWidth;

#endif /* !defined(BasicTableLayoutStrategy_h_) */