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Bug 1260318 - Scope U2F Soft Tokens to a single AppID r=qdot,rbarnes This change includes the FIDO "App ID" as part of the function used to generate the wrapping key used in the NSS-based U2F soft token, cryptographically binding the "Key Handle" to the site that Key Handle is intended for. This is a breaking change with existing registered U2F keys, but since our soft token is hidden behind a pref, it does not attempt to be backward-compatible. - Updated for rbarnes' and qdot's reviews comments. Thanks! - Made more strict in size restrictions, and added a version field to help us be this strict. - Bugfix for an early unprotected buffer use (Thanks again rbarnes!) - Fix a sneaky memory leak re: CryptoBuffer.ToSECItem MozReview-Commit-ID: Jf6gNPauT4Y

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface nsIFile;

 * Helper interface for nsIProfileMigrator.
 * @provider Toolkit (Startup code)
 * @client   Application (Profile-migration code)
 * @obtainable nsIProfileMigrator.migrate
[scriptable, uuid(048e5ca1-0eb7-4bb1-a9a2-a36f7d4e0e3c)]
interface nsIProfileStartup : nsISupports
   * The root directory of the semi-current profile, during profile migration.
   * After nsIProfileMigrator.migrate has returned, this object will not be
   * useful.
  readonly attribute nsIFile directory;

   * Do profile-startup by setting NS_APP_USER_PROFILE_50_DIR in the directory
   * service and notifying the profile-startup observer topics.
  void doStartup();

 * Migrate application settings from an outside source.
 * @provider Application (Profile-migration code)
 * @client   Toolkit (Startup code)
 * @obtainable service, contractid(";1")
[scriptable, uuid(3df284a5-2258-4d46-a664-761ecdc04c22)]
interface nsIProfileMigrator : nsISupports 
   * Migrate data from an outside source, if possible.  Does nothing
   * otherwise.
   * When this method is called, a default profile has been created;
   * XPCOM has been initialized such that compreg.dat is in the
   * profile; the directory service does *not* return a key for
   * NS_APP_USER_PROFILE_50_DIR or any of the keys depending on an active
   * profile. To figure out the directory of the "current" profile, use
   * If your migrator needs to access services that use the profile (to
   * set profile prefs or bookmarks, for example), use aStartup.doStartup.
   * @param  aStartup nsIProfileStartup object to use during migration.
   * @param  aKey     optional key of a migrator to use to skip source selection.
   * @param  aProfileName optional name of the profile to use for migration.
   * @note The startup code ignores COM exceptions thrown from this method.
  void migrate(in nsIProfileStartup aStartup, in ACString aKey,
               [optional] in ACString aProfileName);