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Bug 998989 - Part 1: ChromeOnly API for getting notifications when PCs are initted, or change ICE connection/gathering state. Also, expose the PC id, and allow getAllStats to be filtered by the same. r=jib, r=bz

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  Right now, it is not possible to add static functions to a JS implemented
  interface (see bug 863952), so we need to create a simple interface with a
  trivial constructor and no data to hold these functions that really ought to
  be static in mozRTCPeerConnection.
  TODO( Merge this code into RTCPeerConnection once this
  limitation is gone. (Bug 1017082)

enum RTCLifecycleEvent {

callback PeerConnectionLifecycleCallback = void (mozRTCPeerConnection pc,
                                                 unsigned long long windowId,
                                                 RTCLifecycleEvent eventType);

interface mozRTCPeerConnectionStatic {

  /* One slot per window (the window in which the register call is made),
     automatically unregistered when window goes away.
     Fires when a PC is created, and whenever the ICE connection state or
     gathering state changes. */
  void registerPeerConnectionLifecycleCallback(
    PeerConnectionLifecycleCallback cb);