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Bug 1077148 part 2 - Remove hack to avoid sqlite being linked against mozglue on mac. r=gps This hack has actually not been actively used since sqlite, nss and nspr are all folded together, because no shared library is actually linked in db/sqlite3/src.

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#ifndef nsCrashOnException_h
#define nsCrashOnException_h

#include <nscore.h>
#include <windows.h>

namespace mozilla {

// Call a given window procedure, and catch any Win32 exceptions raised from it,
// and report them as crashes.
XPCOM_API(LRESULT) CallWindowProcCrashProtected(WNDPROC aWndProc, HWND aHWnd,
                                                UINT aMsg, WPARAM aWParam,
                                                LPARAM aLParam);