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Implement jsctypes with raw JSAPI. b=518721, r=jorendorff, sr=bsmedberg

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 * This file defines the constants available on the ctypes.types object (e.g.
 * ctypes.types.VOID). They do not have any interesting properties; they simply
 * exist as unique identifiers for the type they represent.

 * ABI constants that specify the calling convention to use.
 * DEFAULT corresponds to the cdecl convention, and in almost all
 * cases is the correct choice. STDCALL is provided for calling
 * functions in the Microsoft Win32 API.
DEFINE_ABI(default_abi)    // corresponds to cdecl
DEFINE_ABI(stdcall_abi)    // for calling Win32 API functions

 * Types available for arguments and return values, representing
 * their C counterparts.
DEFINE_TYPE(void_t)        // Only allowed for return types.
DEFINE_TYPE(bool)          // _Bool type (assumed 8 bits wide).
DEFINE_TYPE(int8_t)        // int8_t (signed char) type.
DEFINE_TYPE(int16_t)       // int16_t (short) type.
DEFINE_TYPE(int32_t)       // int32_t (int) type.
DEFINE_TYPE(int64_t)       // int64_t (long long) type.
DEFINE_TYPE(uint8_t)       // uint8_t (unsigned char) type.
DEFINE_TYPE(uint16_t)      // uint16_t (unsigned short) type.
DEFINE_TYPE(uint32_t)      // uint32_t (unsigned int) type.
DEFINE_TYPE(uint64_t)      // uint64_t (unsigned long long) type.
DEFINE_TYPE(float)         // float type.
DEFINE_TYPE(double)        // double type.
DEFINE_TYPE(string)        // C string (char *).
DEFINE_TYPE(ustring)       // 16-bit string (char16_t *).