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Bug 820831 - Turn on ContentScaleFactor calculation on Windows; r=jimm MozReview-Commit-ID: 5rqTURsO839

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 * vim: sw=4 ts=4 et :
 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#ifndef dom_plugins_PluginInstanceParent_h
#define dom_plugins_PluginInstanceParent_h 1

#include "mozilla/plugins/PPluginInstanceParent.h"
#include "mozilla/plugins/PluginScriptableObjectParent.h"
#if defined(OS_WIN)
#include "mozilla/gfx/SharedDIBWin.h"
#include <d3d10_1.h>
#include "nsRefPtrHashtable.h"
#elif defined(MOZ_WIDGET_COCOA)
#include "mozilla/gfx/QuartzSupport.h"

#include "npfunctions.h"
#include "nsDataHashtable.h"
#include "nsHashKeys.h"
#include "nsRect.h"
#include "PluginDataResolver.h"

#include "mozilla/Unused.h"
#include "mozilla/EventForwards.h"

class gfxASurface;
class gfxContext;
class nsPluginInstanceOwner;

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {
class Image;
class ImageContainer;
class TextureClientRecycleAllocator;
} // namespace layers
namespace plugins {

class PBrowserStreamParent;
class PluginModuleParent;
class D3D11SurfaceHolder;

class PluginInstanceParent : public PPluginInstanceParent
                           , public PluginDataResolver
    friend class PluginModuleParent;
    friend class BrowserStreamParent;
    friend class PluginStreamParent;
    friend class StreamNotifyParent;

#if defined(XP_WIN)
     * Helper method for looking up instances based on a supplied id.
    static PluginInstanceParent*
    LookupPluginInstanceByID(uintptr_t aId);
#endif // defined(XP_WIN)

    typedef mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget DrawTarget;

    PluginInstanceParent(PluginModuleParent* parent,
                         NPP npp,
                         const nsCString& mimeType,
                         const NPNetscapeFuncs* npniface);

    virtual ~PluginInstanceParent();

    bool InitMetadata(const nsACString& aMimeType,
                      const nsACString& aSrcAttribute);
    NPError Destroy();

    virtual void ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason why) override;

    virtual PPluginScriptableObjectParent*
    AllocPPluginScriptableObjectParent() override;

    virtual bool
    RecvPPluginScriptableObjectConstructor(PPluginScriptableObjectParent* aActor) override;

    virtual bool
    DeallocPPluginScriptableObjectParent(PPluginScriptableObjectParent* aObject) override;
    virtual PBrowserStreamParent*
    AllocPBrowserStreamParent(const nsCString& url,
                              const uint32_t& length,
                              const uint32_t& lastmodified,
                              PStreamNotifyParent* notifyData,
                              const nsCString& headers) override;
    virtual bool
    DeallocPBrowserStreamParent(PBrowserStreamParent* stream) override;

    virtual PPluginStreamParent*
    AllocPPluginStreamParent(const nsCString& mimeType,
                             const nsCString& target,
                             NPError* result) override;
    virtual bool
    DeallocPPluginStreamParent(PPluginStreamParent* stream) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_GetValue_NPNVnetscapeWindow(NativeWindowHandle* value,
                                          NPError* result) override;
    virtual bool
                                       PPluginScriptableObjectParent** value,
                                       NPError* result) override;
    virtual bool
                                       PPluginScriptableObjectParent** value,
                                       NPError* result) override;
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_GetValue_NPNVprivateModeBool(bool* value, NPError* result) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_GetValue_DrawingModelSupport(const NPNVariable& model, bool* value) override;
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_GetValue_NPNVdocumentOrigin(nsCString* value, NPError* result) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_GetValue_SupportsAsyncBitmapSurface(bool* value) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_GetValue_SupportsAsyncDXGISurface(bool* value) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_GetValue_PreferredDXGIAdapter(DxgiAdapterDesc* desc) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_SetValue_NPPVpluginWindow(const bool& windowed, NPError* result) override;
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_SetValue_NPPVpluginTransparent(const bool& transparent,
                                             NPError* result) override;
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_SetValue_NPPVpluginUsesDOMForCursor(const bool& useDOMForCursor,
                                                  NPError* result) override;
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_SetValue_NPPVpluginDrawingModel(const int& drawingModel,
                                              NPError* result) override;
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_SetValue_NPPVpluginEventModel(const int& eventModel,
                                             NPError* result) override;
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_SetValue_NPPVpluginIsPlayingAudio(const bool& isAudioPlaying,
                                                NPError* result) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_GetURL(const nsCString& url, const nsCString& target,
                     NPError *result) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_PostURL(const nsCString& url, const nsCString& target,
                      const nsCString& buffer, const bool& file,
                      NPError* result) override;

    virtual PStreamNotifyParent*
    AllocPStreamNotifyParent(const nsCString& url, const nsCString& target,
                             const bool& post, const nsCString& buffer,
                             const bool& file,
                             NPError* result) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerPStreamNotifyConstructor(PStreamNotifyParent* actor,
                                   const nsCString& url,
                                   const nsCString& target,
                                   const bool& post, const nsCString& buffer,
                                   const bool& file,
                                   NPError* result) override;

    virtual bool
    DeallocPStreamNotifyParent(PStreamNotifyParent* notifyData) override;

    virtual bool
    RecvNPN_InvalidateRect(const NPRect& rect) override;

    virtual bool
    RecvRevokeCurrentDirectSurface() override;

    virtual bool
    RecvInitDXGISurface(const gfx::SurfaceFormat& format,
                         const gfx::IntSize& size,
                         WindowsHandle* outHandle,
                         NPError* outError) override;
    virtual bool
    RecvFinalizeDXGISurface(const WindowsHandle& handle) override;

    virtual bool
    RecvShowDirectBitmap(Shmem&& buffer,
                         const gfx::SurfaceFormat& format,
                         const uint32_t& stride,
                         const gfx::IntSize& size,
                         const gfx::IntRect& dirty) override;

    virtual bool
    RecvShowDirectDXGISurface(const WindowsHandle& handle,
                               const gfx::IntRect& rect) override;

    // Async rendering
    virtual bool
    RecvShow(const NPRect& updatedRect,
             const SurfaceDescriptor& newSurface,
             SurfaceDescriptor* prevSurface) override;

    virtual PPluginSurfaceParent*
    AllocPPluginSurfaceParent(const WindowsSharedMemoryHandle& handle,
                              const mozilla::gfx::IntSize& size,
                              const bool& transparent) override;

    virtual bool
    DeallocPPluginSurfaceParent(PPluginSurfaceParent* s) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_PushPopupsEnabledState(const bool& aState) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_PopPopupsEnabledState() override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_GetValueForURL(const NPNURLVariable& variable,
                             const nsCString& url,
                             nsCString* value, NPError* result) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_SetValueForURL(const NPNURLVariable& variable,
                             const nsCString& url,
                             const nsCString& value, NPError* result) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_GetAuthenticationInfo(const nsCString& protocol,
                                    const nsCString& host,
                                    const int32_t& port,
                                    const nsCString& scheme,
                                    const nsCString& realm,
                                    nsCString* username,
                                    nsCString* password,
                                    NPError* result) override;

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPN_ConvertPoint(const double& sourceX,
                           const bool&   ignoreDestX,
                           const double& sourceY,
                           const bool&   ignoreDestY,
                           const NPCoordinateSpace& sourceSpace,
                           const NPCoordinateSpace& destSpace,
                           double *destX,
                           double *destY,
                           bool *result) override;

    virtual bool
    RecvRedrawPlugin() override;

    virtual bool
    RecvNegotiatedCarbon() override;

    virtual bool
    RecvAsyncNPP_NewResult(const NPError& aResult) override;

    virtual bool
    RecvSetNetscapeWindowAsParent(const NativeWindowHandle& childWindow) override;

    NPError NPP_SetWindow(const NPWindow* aWindow);

    NPError NPP_GetValue(NPPVariable variable, void* retval);
    NPError NPP_SetValue(NPNVariable variable, void* value);

    void NPP_URLRedirectNotify(const char* url, int32_t status,
                               void* notifyData);

    NPError NPP_NewStream(NPMIMEType type, NPStream* stream,
                          NPBool seekable, uint16_t* stype);
    NPError NPP_DestroyStream(NPStream* stream, NPReason reason);

    void NPP_Print(NPPrint* platformPrint);

    int16_t NPP_HandleEvent(void* event);

    void NPP_URLNotify(const char* url, NPReason reason, void* notifyData);

    PluginModuleParent* Module()
        return mParent;

    const NPNetscapeFuncs* GetNPNIface()
        return mNPNIface;

    RegisterNPObjectForActor(NPObject* aObject,
                             PluginScriptableObjectParent* aActor);

    UnregisterNPObject(NPObject* aObject);

    GetActorForNPObject(NPObject* aObject);

      return mNPP;

    UseSurrogate() const
        return mUseSurrogate;

    GetSrcAttribute(nsACString& aOutput) const
        aOutput = mSrcAttribute;

    virtual bool
    AnswerPluginFocusChange(const bool& gotFocus) override;

    nsresult AsyncSetWindow(NPWindow* window);
    nsresult GetImageContainer(mozilla::layers::ImageContainer** aContainer);
    nsresult GetImageSize(nsIntSize* aSize);
#ifdef XP_MACOSX
    nsresult IsRemoteDrawingCoreAnimation(bool *aDrawing);
#if defined(XP_MACOSX) || defined(XP_WIN)
    nsresult ContentsScaleFactorChanged(double aContentsScaleFactor);
    nsresult SetBackgroundUnknown();
    nsresult BeginUpdateBackground(const nsIntRect& aRect,
                                   DrawTarget** aDrawTarget);
    nsresult EndUpdateBackground(const nsIntRect& aRect);
#if defined(XP_WIN)
    nsresult SetScrollCaptureId(uint64_t aScrollCaptureId);
    nsresult GetScrollCaptureContainer(mozilla::layers::ImageContainer** aContainer);
    void DidComposite();

    bool IsUsingDirectDrawing();

    virtual PluginAsyncSurrogate* GetAsyncSurrogate() override;

    virtual PluginInstanceParent* GetInstance() override { return this; }

    static PluginInstanceParent* Cast(NPP instance,
                                      PluginAsyncSurrogate** aSurrogate = nullptr);

    // for IME hook
    virtual bool
    RecvGetCompositionString(const uint32_t& aIndex,
                             nsTArray<uint8_t>* aBuffer,
                             int32_t* aLength) override;
    virtual bool
        const mozilla::widget::CandidateWindowPosition& aPosition) override;
    virtual bool
    RecvRequestCommitOrCancel(const bool& aCommitted) override;

    // for reserved shortcut key handling with windowed plugin on Windows
    nsresult HandledWindowedPluginKeyEvent(
      const mozilla::NativeEventData& aKeyEventData,
      bool aIsConsumed);
    virtual bool
      const mozilla::NativeEventData& aKeyEventData) override;

    // Create an appropriate platform surface for a background of size
    // |aSize|.  Return true if successful.
    bool CreateBackground(const nsIntSize& aSize);
    void DestroyBackground();
    SurfaceDescriptor BackgroundDescriptor() /*const*/;

    typedef mozilla::layers::ImageContainer ImageContainer;
    ImageContainer *GetImageContainer();

    virtual PPluginBackgroundDestroyerParent*
    AllocPPluginBackgroundDestroyerParent() override;

    virtual bool
    DeallocPPluginBackgroundDestroyerParent(PPluginBackgroundDestroyerParent* aActor) override;

    bool InternalGetValueForNPObject(NPNVariable aVariable,
                                     PPluginScriptableObjectParent** aValue,
                                     NPError* aResult);

    nsPluginInstanceOwner* GetOwner();

    void SetCurrentImage(layers::Image* aImage);

    // Update Telemetry with the current drawing model.
    void RecordDrawingModel();

    PluginModuleParent* mParent;
    RefPtr<PluginAsyncSurrogate> mSurrogate;
    bool mUseSurrogate;
    NPP mNPP;
    const NPNetscapeFuncs* mNPNIface;
    nsCString mSrcAttribute;
    NPWindowType mWindowType;
    int16_t mDrawingModel;

    // Since plugins may request different drawing models to find a compatible
    // one, we only record the drawing model after a SetWindow call and if the
    // drawing model has changed.
    int mLastRecordedDrawingModel;

    nsDataHashtable<nsPtrHashKey<NPObject>, PluginScriptableObjectParent*> mScriptableObjects;

    // This is used to tell the compositor that it should invalidate the ImageLayer.
    uint32_t mFrameID;

#if defined(XP_WIN)
    // Note: DXGI 1.1 surface handles are global across all processes, and are not
    // marshaled. As long as we haven't freed a texture its handle should be valid
    // as a unique cross-process identifier for the texture.
    nsRefPtrHashtable<nsPtrHashKey<void>, D3D11SurfaceHolder> mD3D11Surfaces;

#if defined(OS_WIN)
    // Used in handling parent/child forwarding of events.
    static LRESULT CALLBACK PluginWindowHookProc(HWND hWnd, UINT message,
                                                 WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
    void SubclassPluginWindow(HWND aWnd);
    void UnsubclassPluginWindow();

    bool MaybeCreateAndParentChildPluginWindow();
    void MaybeCreateChildPopupSurrogate();

    nsIntRect          mPluginPort;
    nsIntRect          mSharedSize;
    HWND               mPluginHWND;
    // This is used for the normal child plugin HWND for windowed plugins and,
    // if needed, also the child popup surrogate HWND for windowless plugins.
    HWND               mChildPluginHWND;
    HWND               mChildPluginsParentHWND;
    WNDPROC            mPluginWndProc;
    bool               mNestedEventState;
#endif // defined(XP_WIN)
#if defined(MOZ_WIDGET_COCOA)
    Shmem                  mShSurface; 
    uint16_t               mShWidth;
    uint16_t               mShHeight;
    CGColorSpaceRef        mShColorSpace;
    RefPtr<MacIOSurface> mIOSurface;
    RefPtr<MacIOSurface> mFrontIOSurface;
#endif // definied(MOZ_WIDGET_COCOA)

    // ObjectFrame layer wrapper
    RefPtr<gfxASurface>    mFrontSurface;
    // For windowless+transparent instances, this surface contains a
    // "pretty recent" copy of the pixels under its <object> frame.
    // On the plugin side, we use this surface to avoid doing alpha
    // recovery when possible.  This surface is created and owned by
    // the browser, but a "read-only" reference is sent to the plugin.
    // We have explicitly chosen not to provide any guarantees about
    // the consistency of the pixels in |mBackground|.  A plugin may
    // be able to observe partial updates to the background.
    RefPtr<gfxASurface>    mBackground;

    RefPtr<ImageContainer> mImageContainer;

} // namespace plugins
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // ifndef dom_plugins_PluginInstanceParent_h