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Bug 1104964 - Split shutdown initiatation and queue-drain-waiting into separate pieces. r=cpearce, a=sledru This patch shouldn't change any behavior. The upcoming patch takes advantage of these separate pieces.

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#ifndef MediaTaskQueue_h_
#define MediaTaskQueue_h_

#include <queue>
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/Monitor.h"
#include "SharedThreadPool.h"
#include "nsThreadUtils.h"

class nsIRunnable;

namespace mozilla {

class SharedThreadPool;

// Abstracts executing runnables in order in a thread pool. The runnables
// dispatched to the MediaTaskQueue will be executed in the order in which
// they're received, and are guaranteed to not be executed concurrently.
// They may be executed on different threads, and a memory barrier is used
// to make this threadsafe for objects that aren't already threadsafe.
class MediaTaskQueue MOZ_FINAL {


  explicit MediaTaskQueue(TemporaryRef<SharedThreadPool> aPool);

  nsresult Dispatch(TemporaryRef<nsIRunnable> aRunnable);

  nsresult SyncDispatch(TemporaryRef<nsIRunnable> aRunnable);

  nsresult FlushAndDispatch(TemporaryRef<nsIRunnable> aRunnable);

  // Removes all pending tasks from the task queue, and blocks until
  // the currently running task (if any) finishes.
  void Flush();

  // Puts the queue in a shutdown state and returns immediately. The queue will
  // remain alive at least until all the events are drained, because the Runners
  // hold a strong reference to the task queue, and one of them is always held
  // by the threadpool event queue when the task queue is non-empty.
  void BeginShutdown();

  // Blocks until all task finish executing.
  void AwaitIdle();

  // Blocks until the queue is flagged for shutdown and all tasks have finished
  // executing.
  void AwaitShutdownAndIdle();

  bool IsEmpty();

  // Returns true if the current thread is currently running a Runnable in
  // the task queue. This is for debugging/validation purposes only.
  bool IsCurrentThreadIn();


  // Blocks until all task finish executing. Called internally by methods
  // that need to wait until the task queue is idle.
  // mQueueMonitor must be held.
  void AwaitIdleLocked();

  enum DispatchMode { AbortIfFlushing, IgnoreFlushing };

  nsresult DispatchLocked(TemporaryRef<nsIRunnable> aRunnable,
                          DispatchMode aMode);

  RefPtr<SharedThreadPool> mPool;

  // Monitor that protects the queue and mIsRunning;
  Monitor mQueueMonitor;

  // Queue of tasks to run.
  std::queue<RefPtr<nsIRunnable>> mTasks;

  // The thread currently running the task queue. We store a reference
  // to this so that IsCurrentThreadIn() can tell if the current thread
  // is the thread currently running in the task queue.
  RefPtr<nsIThread> mRunningThread;

  // True if we've dispatched an event to the pool to execute events from
  // the queue.
  bool mIsRunning;

  // True if we've started our shutdown process.
  bool mIsShutdown;

  class MOZ_STACK_CLASS AutoSetFlushing
    explicit AutoSetFlushing(MediaTaskQueue* aTaskQueue) : mTaskQueue(aTaskQueue)
      mTaskQueue->mIsFlushing = true;
      mTaskQueue->mIsFlushing = false;

    MediaTaskQueue* mTaskQueue;

  // True if we're flushing; we reject new tasks if we're flushing.
  bool mIsFlushing;

  class Runner : public nsRunnable {
    explicit Runner(MediaTaskQueue* aQueue)
      : mQueue(aQueue)
    RefPtr<MediaTaskQueue> mQueue;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // MediaTaskQueue_h_