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Bug 1381577 - Part E; Add assertion that there is no space in each action or option passed to mozharness tests. r=dustin Land date changes to support windows nightlies onto central This is needed because on Linux these arrays are joined by a space then passed to the shell as 'for foo in $bar' which will treat spaces as valid delimiters, whereas for windows workers the structure is evaluated completely in python, which means a single value with spaces won't generate the correct command output. Enforcing this prevents mistakes with yaml syntax going unnoticed. MozReview-Commit-ID: 3U4orzyiBuf

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.

Support for running jobs via mozharness.  Ideally, most stuff gets run this
way, and certainly anything using mozharness should use this approach.


from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals
import slugid

from textwrap import dedent

from taskgraph.util.schema import Schema
from voluptuous import Required, Optional, Any

from taskgraph.transforms.job import run_job_using
from taskgraph.transforms.job.common import (

COALESCE_KEY = 'builds.{project}.{name}'

mozharness_run_schema = Schema({
    Required('using'): 'mozharness',

    # the mozharness script used to run this task, relative to the testing/
    # directory and using forward slashes even on Windows
    Required('script'): basestring,

    # the config files required for the task, relative to
    # testing/mozharness/configs and using forward slashes even on Windows
    Required('config'): [basestring],

    # any additional actions to pass to the mozharness command; not supported
    # on Windows
    Optional('actions'): [basestring],

    # any additional options (without leading --) to be passed to mozharness;
    # not supported on Windows
    Optional('options'): [basestring],

    # --custom-build-variant-cfg value (not supported on Windows)
    Optional('custom-build-variant-cfg'): basestring,

    # Extra metadata to use toward the workspace caching.
    # Only supported on docker-worker
    Optional('extra-workspace-cache-key'): basestring,

    # If not false, tooltool downloads will be enabled via relengAPIProxy
    # for either just public files, or all files.  Not supported on Windows
    Required('tooltool-downloads', default=False): Any(

    # The set of secret names to which the task has access; these are prefixed
    # with `project/releng/gecko/{treeherder.kind}/level-{level}/`.  Setting
    # this will enable any worker features required and set the task's scopes
    # appropriately.  `true` here means ['*'], all secrets.  Not supported on
    # Windows
    Required('secrets', default=False): Any(bool, [basestring]),

    # If true, taskcluster proxy will be enabled; note that it may also be enabled
    # automatically e.g., for secrets support.  Not supported on Windows.
    Required('taskcluster-proxy', default=False): bool,

    # If true, the build scripts will start Xvfb.  Not supported on Windows.
    Required('need-xvfb', default=False): bool,

    # If false, indicate that builds should skip producing artifacts.  Not
    # supported on Windows.
    Required('keep-artifacts', default=True): bool,

    # If specified, use the in-tree job script specified.
    Optional('job-script'): basestring,

    Required('requires-signed-builds', default=False): bool,

    # If false, don't set MOZ_SIMPLE_PACKAGE_NAME
    # Only disableable on windows
    Required('use-simple-package', default=True): bool,

    # If false don't pass --branch or --skip-buildbot-actions to mozharness script
    # Only disableable on windows
    Required('use-magic-mh-args', default=True): bool,

@run_job_using("docker-worker", "mozharness", schema=mozharness_run_schema)
def mozharness_on_docker_worker_setup(config, job, taskdesc):
    run = job['run']

    worker = taskdesc['worker']
    worker['implementation'] = job['worker']['implementation']

    if not run['use-simple-package']:
        raise NotImplementedError("Simple packaging cannot be disabled via"
                                  "'use-simple-package' on docker-workers")
    if not run['use-magic-mh-args']:
        raise NotImplementedError("Cannot disabled mh magic arg passing via"
                                  "'use-magic-mh-args' on docker-workers")

    # running via mozharness assumes desktop-build (which contains build.sh)
    taskdesc['worker']['docker-image'] = {"in-tree": "desktop-build"}

    worker['relengapi-proxy'] = False  # but maybe enabled for tooltool below
    worker['taskcluster-proxy'] = run.get('taskcluster-proxy')

    docker_worker_add_public_artifacts(config, job, taskdesc)
    docker_worker_add_workspace_cache(config, job, taskdesc,
    support_vcs_checkout(config, job, taskdesc)

    env = worker.setdefault('env', {})
        'MOZHARNESS_CONFIG': ' '.join(run['config']),
        'MOZHARNESS_SCRIPT': run['script'],
        'MH_BRANCH': config.params['project'],
        'MH_BUILD_POOL': 'taskcluster',
        'MOZ_BUILD_DATE': config.params['moz_build_date'],
        'MOZ_SCM_LEVEL': config.params['level'],
        'MOZ_AUTOMATION': '1',

    if 'actions' in run:
        env['MOZHARNESS_ACTIONS'] = ' '.join(run['actions'])

    if 'options' in run:
        env['MOZHARNESS_OPTIONS'] = ' '.join(run['options'])

    if 'custom-build-variant-cfg' in run:
        env['MH_CUSTOM_BUILD_VARIANT_CFG'] = run['custom-build-variant-cfg']

    if 'job-script' in run:
        env['JOB_SCRIPT'] = run['job-script']

    # if we're not keeping artifacts, set some env variables to empty values
    # that will cause the build process to skip copying the results to the
    # artifacts directory.  This will have no effect for operations that are
    # not builds.
    if not run['keep-artifacts']:
        env['DIST_TARGET_UPLOADS'] = ''
        env['DIST_UPLOADS'] = ''

    # Xvfb
    if run['need-xvfb']:
        env['NEED_XVFB'] = 'true'

    # tooltool downloads
    if run['tooltool-downloads']:
        worker['relengapi-proxy'] = True
            'type': 'persistent',
            'name': 'tooltool-cache',
            'mount-point': '/home/worker/tooltool-cache',
        if run['tooltool-downloads'] == 'internal':
        env['TOOLTOOL_CACHE'] = '/home/worker/tooltool-cache'

    # Retry if mozharness returns TBPL_RETRY
    worker['retry-exit-status'] = 4

    docker_worker_setup_secrets(config, job, taskdesc)

    command = [
        # Various caches/volumes are default owned by root:root.
        '--chown-recursive', '/home/worker/workspace',
        '--chown-recursive', '/home/worker/tooltool-cache',
        '--vcs-checkout', '/home/worker/workspace/build/src',
        '--tools-checkout', '/home/worker/workspace/build/tools',

    worker['command'] = command

@run_job_using("generic-worker", "mozharness", schema=mozharness_run_schema)
def mozharness_on_generic_worker(config, job, taskdesc):
    assert job['worker']['os'] == 'windows', 'only supports windows right now'

    run = job['run']

    # fail if invalid run options are included
    invalid = []
    for prop in ['tooltool-downloads',
                 'secrets', 'taskcluster-proxy', 'need-xvfb']:
        if prop in run and run[prop]:
    if not run.get('keep-artifacts', True):
    if invalid:
        raise Exception("Jobs run using mozharness on Windows do not support properties " +
                        ', '.join(invalid))

    worker = taskdesc['worker']

    worker['artifacts'] = [{
        'path': r'public/build',
        'type': 'directory',

    docker_worker_add_gecko_vcs_env_vars(config, job, taskdesc)

    env = worker['env']
        'MOZ_BUILD_DATE': config.params['moz_build_date'],
        'MOZ_SCM_LEVEL': config.params['level'],
        'MOZ_AUTOMATION': '1',
    if run['use-simple-package']:
        env.update({'MOZ_SIMPLE_PACKAGE_NAME': 'target'})

    if not job['attributes']['build_platform'].startswith('win'):
        raise Exception(
            "Task generation for mozharness build jobs currently only supported on Windows"

    mh_command = [r'c:\mozilla-build\python\python.exe']
    mh_command.append('\\'.join([r'.\build\src\testing', run['script'].replace('/', '\\')]))
    for cfg in run['config']:
        mh_command.append('--config ' + cfg.replace('/', '\\'))
    if run['use-magic-mh-args']:
        mh_command.append('--branch ' + config.params['project'])
    mh_command.append(r'--work-dir %cd:Z:=z:%\build')
    for action in run.get('actions', []):
        assert ' ' not in action
        mh_command.append('--' + action)

    for option in run.get('options', []):
        assert ' ' not in option
        mh_command.append('--' + option)
    if run.get('custom-build-variant-cfg'):

    hg_command = ['"c:\\Program Files\\Mercurial\\hg.exe"']
    hg_command.extend(['--sharebase', 'y:\\hg-shared'])
    hg_command.extend(['--upstream', 'https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-unified'])
    hg_command.extend(['--revision', env['GECKO_HEAD_REV']])

    worker['command'] = []
    if taskdesc.get('needs-sccache'):
            # Make the comment part of the first command, as it will help users to
            # understand what is going on, and why these steps are implemented.
            :: sccache currently uses the full compiler commandline as input to the
            :: cache hash key, so create a symlink to the task dir and build from
            :: the symlink dir to get consistent paths.
            if exist z:\\build rmdir z:\\build'''),
            r'mklink /d z:\build %cd%',
            # Grant delete permission on the link to everyone.
            r'icacls z:\build /grant *S-1-1-0:D /L',
            r'cd /d z:\build',

        ' '.join(hg_command),
        ' '.join(mh_command)

@run_job_using('buildbot-bridge', 'mozharness', schema=mozharness_run_schema)
def mozharness_on_buildbot_bridge(config, job, taskdesc):
    run = job['run']
    worker = taskdesc['worker']
    branch = config.params['project']
    product = run.get('index', {}).get('product', 'firefox')

    worker.pop('env', None)

    if 'devedition' in job['attributes']['build_platform']:
        buildername = 'OS X 10.7 {} devedition build'.format(branch)
        buildername = 'OS X 10.7 {} build'.format(branch)

        'buildername': buildername,
        'sourcestamp': {
            'branch': branch,
            'repository': config.params['head_repository'],
            'revision': config.params['head_rev'],
        'properties': {
            'product': product,
            'who': config.params['owner'],
            'upload_to_task_id': slugid.nice(),