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Don't shadow a member variable when attempting to reset it. (bug 732945, r=jandem)

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsICancelable;
interface nsIDNSRecord;

 * nsIDNSListener
[scriptable, uuid(41466a9f-f027-487d-a96c-af39e629b8d2)]
interface nsIDNSListener : nsISupports
     * called when an asynchronous host lookup completes.
     * @param aRequest
     *        the value returned from asyncResolve.
     * @param aRecord
     *        the DNS record corresponding to the hostname that was resolved.
     *        this parameter is null if there was an error.
     * @param aStatus
     *        if the lookup failed, this parameter gives the reason.
    void onLookupComplete(in nsICancelable aRequest,
                          in nsIDNSRecord  aRecord,
                          in nsresult      aStatus);