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Bug 1231667 - Set Android SDK directory in topsrcdir Gradle configuration. r=me f=mcomella

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#include "nsIDOMEventTarget.idl"

interface nsIDOMWindow;
interface nsIDOMDOMCursor;
interface nsICursorContinueCallback;

[builtinclass, uuid(e39da69e-2232-4e49-9856-b8a4a6210336)]
interface nsIDOMDOMRequest : nsIDOMEventTarget
  readonly attribute DOMString readyState; // "pending" or "done"

  readonly attribute jsval result;

  // DOMError
  readonly attribute nsISupports error;

  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onsuccess;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onerror;

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(df58d5d6-4b02-4e4c-9b29-adbff06c6206)]
interface nsIDOMRequestService : nsISupports
  nsIDOMDOMRequest createRequest(in nsIDOMWindow window);
   * @param aCallback
   *        Called when `continue()' is called in the cursor, should be used to
   *        notify the data provider that content wants the next result.
  nsIDOMDOMCursor createCursor(in nsIDOMWindow window,
                               in nsICursorContinueCallback aCallback);

  void fireSuccess(in nsIDOMDOMRequest request, in jsval result);
  void fireError(in nsIDOMDOMRequest request, in DOMString error);
  void fireDetailedError(in nsIDOMDOMRequest request, in nsISupports error);
  void fireSuccessAsync(in nsIDOMDOMRequest request, in jsval result);
  void fireErrorAsync(in nsIDOMDOMRequest request, in DOMString error);
  void fireDone(in nsIDOMDOMCursor cursor);