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Bug 1358074 (part 2) - Unexport and rename ProfilerState. r=mstange. gPS is declared in GeckoProfiler.h so that it can be tested as non-null in a couple of functions. - These checks are of little value, so this patch removes them. - That lets us remove the ProfilerState and gPS declarations from GeckoProfiler.h. - And, because ProfilerState is now only used within platform.cpp, that lets us rename it as PS, which is how we currently refer to it (via a typedef) within platform.cpp anyway.

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#include <malloc.h>
#include <rpc.h>

 * These functions need to be defined in order for the types that use
 * mozilla::mscom::StructToStream and mozilla::mscom::StructFromStream to work.
extern "C" {

void __RPC_FAR* __RPC_USER
midl_user_allocate(size_t aNumBytes)
  const unsigned long kRpcReqdBufAlignment = 8;
  return _aligned_malloc(aNumBytes, kRpcReqdBufAlignment);

void __RPC_USER
midl_user_free(void* aBuffer)

} // extern "C"