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Bug 1306241 - Use NeedsSubjectPrincipal in dom/html/* - part 2, r=ehsan

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/* rendering object for CSS "::backdrop" */

#ifndef nsBackdropFrame_h___
#define nsBackdropFrame_h___

#include "nsFrame.h"

class nsBackdropFrame final : public nsFrame

  explicit nsBackdropFrame(nsStyleContext* aContext)
    : nsFrame(aContext) { }

  // nsIFrame overrides
  virtual nsIAtom* GetType() const override;
  virtual nsresult GetFrameName(nsAString& aResult) const override;
  virtual nsStyleContext*
    GetParentStyleContext(nsIFrame** aProviderFrame) const override;
  virtual void BuildDisplayList(nsDisplayListBuilder* aBuilder,
                                const nsRect& aDirtyRect,
                                const nsDisplayListSet& aLists) override;
  virtual mozilla::LogicalSize
    ComputeAutoSize(nsRenderingContext *aRenderingContext,
                    mozilla::WritingMode aWM,
                    const mozilla::LogicalSize& aCBSize,
                    nscoord aAvailableISize,
                    const mozilla::LogicalSize& aMargin,
                    const mozilla::LogicalSize& aBorder,
                    const mozilla::LogicalSize& aPadding,
                    bool aShrinkWrap) override;
  virtual void Reflow(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                      ReflowOutput& aDesiredSize,
                      const ReflowInput& aReflowInput,
                      nsReflowStatus& aStatus) override;

#endif // nsBackdropFrame_h___