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Bug 704313 - Implement mozilla/StdInt.h. r=cjones

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface nsIFile;
interface mozIStorageConnection;

 * The nsIFormHistory object is a service which holds a set of name/value
 * pairs.  The names correspond to form field names, and the values correspond
 * to values the user has submitted.  So, several values may exist for a single
 * name.
 * Note: this interface provides no means to access stored values.
 * Stored values are used by the FormFillController to generate
 * autocomplete matches.

[scriptable, uuid(5d7d84d1-9798-4016-bf61-a32acf09b29d)]
interface nsIFormHistory2 : nsISupports
   * Returns true if the form history has any entries.
  readonly attribute boolean hasEntries;

   * Adds a name and value pair to the form history.
  void addEntry(in AString name, in AString value);

   * Removes a name and value pair from the form history.
  void removeEntry(in AString name, in AString value);

   * Removes all entries that are paired with a name.
  void removeEntriesForName(in AString name);

   * Removes all entries in the entire form history.
  void removeAllEntries();

   * Returns true if there is no entry that is paired with a name.
  boolean nameExists(in AString name);

   * Gets whether a name and value pair exists in the form history.
  boolean entryExists(in AString name, in AString value);

   * Removes entries that were created between the specified times.
   * @param aBeginTime
   *        The beginning of the timeframe, in microseconds
   * @param aEndTime
   *        The end of the timeframe, in microseconds
  void removeEntriesByTimeframe(in long long aBeginTime, in long long aEndTime);

   * Returns the underlying DB connection the form history module is using.
  readonly attribute mozIStorageConnection DBConnection;