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Bug 704313 - Implement mozilla/StdInt.h. r=cjones

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<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin/filepicker.css" type="text/css"?>

<!DOCTYPE dialog SYSTEM "chrome://global/locale/filepicker.dtd" >

<dialog id="main-window"
  width="426" height="300"
  ondialogaccept="return selectOnOK();"
  ondialogcancel="return onCancel();"
  persist="screenX screenY width height">

<stringbundle id="bundle_filepicker" src="chrome://global/locale/"/>
<script type="application/javascript" src="chrome://global/content/filepicker.js"/>

<hbox align="center">
  <label value="&lookInMenuList.label;" control="lookInMenuList" accesskey="&lookInMenuList.accesskey;"/>
  <menulist id="lookInMenuList" flex="1" oncommand="onDirectoryChanged(;" crop="start">
    <menupopup id="lookInMenu"/>
  <button id="folderUpButton" class="up-button" tooltiptext="&folderUp.tooltiptext;" oncommand="goUp();"/>
  <button id="homeButton" class="home-button" tooltiptext="&folderHome.tooltiptext;" oncommand="goHome();"/>
  <button id="newDirButton" hidden="true" class="new-dir-button" tooltiptext="&folderNew.tooltiptext;" oncommand="newDir();"/>

<hbox flex="1">
  <deck id="errorShower" flex="1">
    <tree id="directoryTree" flex="1" class="focusring" seltype="single"
        <treecol id="FilenameColumn" label="&name.label;" flex="1"/>
        <splitter class="tree-splitter"/>
        <treecol id="FileSizeColumn" label="&size.label;" flex="1"/>
        <splitter class="tree-splitter"/>
        <treecol id="LastModifiedColumn" label="&lastModified.label;" flex="1"/>

<grid style="margin-top: 5px">
    <column flex="1"/>

    <row align="center">
      <label value="&textInput.label;" id="textInputLabel" control="textInput" accesskey="&textInput.accesskey;"/>
      <textbox id="textInput" flex="1" oninput="doEnabling()" 
               type="autocomplete" autocompletesearch="file"
    <row id="filterBox" hidden="true" align="center">
      <label value="&filterMenuList.label;"  control="filterMenuList" accesskey="&filterMenuList.accesskey;"/>
      <menulist id="filterMenuList" flex="1" oncommand="onFilterChanged(;"/>
<hbox class="dialog-button-box" align="center">
  <checkbox label="&showHiddenFiles.label;" oncommand="toggleShowHidden();"
            flex="1" align="left"  accesskey="&showHiddenFiles.accesskey;"/>
  <button dlgtype="cancel" icon="cancel" class="dialog-button"/>
  <button dlgtype="accept" icon="open" class="dialog-button"/>