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bug 440675, add USE_EXTENSION_MANIFEST coveragae to tests, r=ted

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DEPTH		= ../../..
topsrcdir	= @top_srcdir@
srcdir		= @srcdir@
VPATH		= @srcdir@
LOCALE_SRCDIR = $(srcdir)/l10n

include $(DEPTH)/config/

include $(topsrcdir)/config/

XPI_NAME = test_jar_mn

	-DAB_CD=ab-X-stuff \

MY_MANIFEST = $(if $(USE_EXTENSION_MANIFEST), $(FINAL_TARGET)/chrome.manifest, $(FINAL_TARGET)/chrome/test.manifest)
REF_MANIFEST = $(if $(USE_EXTENSION_MANIFEST),chrome.manifest,test.manifest)

	if test -d $(FINAL_TARGET); then rm -rf $(FINAL_TARGET); fi;
	make realchrome MOZ_CHROME_FILE_FORMAT=$*
	@echo "Comparing manifests..."
	@if ! sort $(MY_MANIFEST) | diff -u $(srcdir)/../$(REF_MANIFEST).$* - ; then \
	  echo "FAIL: different content in manifest!" ; \
	@if [ $* == "jar" ]; then \
	  $(UNZIP) -d $(FINAL_TARGET)/chrome/test $(FINAL_TARGET)/chrome/test.jar; \
	@echo "Comparing packages..."
	@if ! diff -ur $(srcdir)/../ref-simple $(FINAL_TARGET)/chrome/test ; then\
	  echo "FAIL: different content in jar!" ; \

include $(topsrcdir)/config/