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#ifndef mozilla_DeferredFinalize_h
#define mozilla_DeferredFinalize_h

class nsISupports;

namespace mozilla {

// Called back from DeferredFinalize.  Should add 'thing' to the array of smart
// pointers in 'pointers', creating the array if 'pointers' is null, and return
// the array.
typedef void* (*DeferredFinalizeAppendFunction)(void* aPointers, void* aThing);

// Called to finalize a number of objects. Slice is the number of objects to
// finalize. The return value indicates whether it finalized all objects in the
// buffer. If it returns true, the function will not be called again, so the
// function should free aData.
typedef bool (*DeferredFinalizeFunction)(uint32_t aSlice, void* aData);

void DeferredFinalize(DeferredFinalizeAppendFunction aAppendFunc,
                      DeferredFinalizeFunction aFunc,
                      void* aThing);

void DeferredFinalize(nsISupports* aSupports);

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_DeferredFinalize_h