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Block compositable updates from stale layers. (bug 1256517 part 4, r=mattwoodrow,nical, a=rkothari)

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#include "mozilla/layers/Compositor.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/TextureHost.h"
#include "mozilla/gfx/2D.h"
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

class BasicCompositingRenderTarget : public CompositingRenderTarget
  BasicCompositingRenderTarget(gfx::DrawTarget* aDrawTarget, const gfx::IntRect& aRect)
    : CompositingRenderTarget(aRect.TopLeft())
    , mDrawTarget(aDrawTarget)
    , mSize(aRect.Size())
  { }

  virtual const char* Name() const override { return "BasicCompositingRenderTarget"; }

  virtual gfx::IntSize GetSize() const override { return mSize; }

  void BindRenderTarget();

  virtual gfx::SurfaceFormat GetFormat() const override
    return mDrawTarget ? mDrawTarget->GetFormat()
                       : gfx::SurfaceFormat(gfx::SurfaceFormat::UNKNOWN);

  RefPtr<gfx::DrawTarget> mDrawTarget;
  gfx::IntSize mSize;

class BasicCompositor : public Compositor
  explicit BasicCompositor(CompositorParent* aParent, nsIWidget *aWidget);

  virtual ~BasicCompositor();

  virtual bool Initialize() override;

  virtual void Destroy() override;

  virtual TextureFactoryIdentifier GetTextureFactoryIdentifier() override;

  virtual already_AddRefed<CompositingRenderTarget>
  CreateRenderTarget(const gfx::IntRect &aRect, SurfaceInitMode aInit) override;

  virtual already_AddRefed<CompositingRenderTarget>
  CreateRenderTargetFromSource(const gfx::IntRect &aRect,
                               const CompositingRenderTarget *aSource,
                               const gfx::IntPoint &aSourcePoint) override;

  virtual already_AddRefed<CompositingRenderTarget>
  CreateRenderTargetForWindow(const gfx::IntRect& aRect,
                              SurfaceInitMode aInit,
                              BufferMode aBufferMode);

  virtual already_AddRefed<DataTextureSource>
  CreateDataTextureSource(TextureFlags aFlags = TextureFlags::NO_FLAGS) override;

  virtual already_AddRefed<DataTextureSource>
  CreateDataTextureSourceAround(gfx::DataSourceSurface* aSurface) override;

  virtual bool SupportsEffect(EffectTypes aEffect) override;

  virtual void SetRenderTarget(CompositingRenderTarget *aSource) override
    mRenderTarget = static_cast<BasicCompositingRenderTarget*>(aSource);
  virtual CompositingRenderTarget* GetCurrentRenderTarget() const override
    return mRenderTarget;

  virtual void DrawQuad(const gfx::Rect& aRect,
                        const gfx::Rect& aClipRect,
                        const EffectChain &aEffectChain,
                        gfx::Float aOpacity,
                        const gfx::Matrix4x4& aTransform,
                        const gfx::Rect& aVisibleRect) override;

  virtual void ClearRect(const gfx::Rect& aRect) override;

  virtual void BeginFrame(const nsIntRegion& aInvalidRegion,
                          const gfx::Rect *aClipRectIn,
                          const gfx::Rect& aRenderBounds,
                          bool aOpaque,
                          gfx::Rect *aClipRectOut = nullptr,
                          gfx::Rect *aRenderBoundsOut = nullptr) override;
  virtual void EndFrame() override;
  virtual void EndFrameForExternalComposition(const gfx::Matrix& aTransform) override;

  virtual bool SupportsPartialTextureUpdate() override { return true; }
  virtual bool CanUseCanvasLayerForSize(const gfx::IntSize &aSize) override { return true; }
  virtual int32_t GetMaxTextureSize() const override;
  virtual void SetDestinationSurfaceSize(const gfx::IntSize& aSize) override { }
  virtual void SetScreenRenderOffset(const ScreenPoint& aOffset) override {

  virtual void MakeCurrent(MakeCurrentFlags aFlags = 0) override { }

  virtual const char* Name() const override { return "Basic"; }

  virtual LayersBackend GetBackendType() const override {
    return LayersBackend::LAYERS_BASIC;

  virtual nsIWidget* GetWidget() const override { return mWidget; }

  gfx::DrawTarget *GetDrawTarget() { return mDrawTarget; }


  // Widget associated with this compositor
  nsIWidget *mWidget;

  // The final destination surface
  RefPtr<gfx::DrawTarget> mDrawTarget;
  // The current render target for drawing
  RefPtr<BasicCompositingRenderTarget> mRenderTarget;

  LayoutDeviceIntRect mInvalidRect;
  LayoutDeviceIntRegion mInvalidRegion;
  bool mDidExternalComposition;

  uint32_t mMaxTextureSize;

} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla