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Bug 1182996 - Fix and add missing namespace comments. rs=ehsan The bulk of this commit was generated by running: run-clang-tidy.py \ -checks='-*,llvm-namespace-comment' \ -header-filter=^/.../mozilla-central/.* \ -fix

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#ifndef XPCJSMemoryReporter_h
#define XPCJSMemoryReporter_h

class nsISupports;
class nsIMemoryReporterCallback;

namespace xpc {

// The key is the window ID.
typedef nsDataHashtable<nsUint64HashKey, nsCString> WindowPaths;

// This is very nearly an instance of nsIMemoryReporter, but it's not,
// because it's invoked by nsWindowMemoryReporter in order to get |windowPaths|
// in CollectReports.
class JSReporter
    static nsresult CollectReports(WindowPaths* windowPaths,
                                   WindowPaths* topWindowPaths,
                                   nsIMemoryReporterCallback* cb,
                                   nsISupports* closure,
                                   bool anonymize);

} // namespace xpc