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#ifndef SharedBufferManagerPARENT_H_
#define SharedBufferManagerPARENT_H_

#include "mozilla/Atomics.h"          // for Atomic
#include "mozilla/layers/PSharedBufferManagerParent.h"
#include "mozilla/StaticPtr.h"

#include "mozilla/ipc/ProtocolUtils.h"
#include "mozilla/Mutex.h"            // for Mutex

namespace android {
class GraphicBuffer;

namespace base {
class Thread;
} // namespace base

namespace mozilla {
class Mutex;

namespace layers {

class SharedBufferManagerParent : public PSharedBufferManagerParent
friend class GrallocReporter;
   * Create a SharedBufferManagerParent for child process, and link to the child side before leaving
  static PSharedBufferManagerParent* Create(Transport* aTransport, ProcessId aOtherProcess);

  android::sp<android::GraphicBuffer> GetGraphicBuffer(int64_t key);
  static android::sp<android::GraphicBuffer> GetGraphicBuffer(GrallocBufferRef aRef);
   * Create a SharedBufferManagerParent but do not open the link
  SharedBufferManagerParent(Transport* aTransport, ProcessId aOwner, base::Thread* aThread);
  virtual ~SharedBufferManagerParent();

   * When the IPC channel down or something bad make this Manager die, clear all the buffer reference!
  virtual void ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason aWhy) override;

  virtual bool RecvAllocateGrallocBuffer(const IntSize&, const uint32_t&, const uint32_t&, mozilla::layers::MaybeMagicGrallocBufferHandle*) override;
  virtual bool RecvDropGrallocBuffer(const mozilla::layers::MaybeMagicGrallocBufferHandle& handle) override;

   * Break the buffer's sharing state, decrease buffer reference for both side
  static void DropGrallocBuffer(ProcessId id, mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptor aDesc);

  // Overriden from IToplevelProtocol
  CloneToplevel(const InfallibleTArray<ProtocolFdMapping>& aFds,
                base::ProcessHandle aPeerProcess,
                mozilla::ipc::ProtocolCloneContext* aCtx) override;
  MessageLoop* GetMessageLoop();


   * Break the buffer's sharing state, decrease buffer reference for both side
   * Must be called from SharedBufferManagerParent's thread
  void DropGrallocBufferImpl(mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptor aDesc);

  // dispatched function
  static void DropGrallocBufferSync(SharedBufferManagerParent* mgr, mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptor aDesc);

   * Function for find the buffer owner, most buffer passing on IPC contains only owner/key pair.
   * Use these function to access the real buffer.
   * Caller needs to hold sManagerMonitor.
  static SharedBufferManagerParent* GetInstance(ProcessId id);

   * All living SharedBufferManager instances used to find the buffer owner, and parent->child IPCs
  static std::map<base::ProcessId, SharedBufferManagerParent*> sManagers;

   * Buffers owned by this SharedBufferManager pair
  std::map<int64_t, android::sp<android::GraphicBuffer> > mBuffers;
  Transport* mTransport;
  base::ProcessId mOwner;
  base::Thread* mThread;
  MessageLoop* mMainMessageLoop;
  bool mDestroyed;
  Mutex mLock;

  static uint64_t sBufferKey;
  static StaticAutoPtr<Monitor> sManagerMonitor;

} /* namespace layers */
} /* namespace mozilla */
#endif /* SharedBufferManagerPARENT_H_ */