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Bug 1126014 - DomainPolicy support for e10s. r=mrbkap

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  This header file just contains prototypes for the factory methods
  for "builtin" data sources that are included in rdf.dll.

  Each of these data sources is exposed to the external world via its
  CID in ../include/nsRDFCID.h.


#ifndef nsBaseDataSources_h__
#define nsBaseDataSources_h__

#include "nsError.h"
class nsIRDFDataSource;

// in nsInMemoryDataSource.cpp
NS_NewRDFInMemoryDataSource(nsISupports* aOuter, const nsIID& aIID, void** aResult);

// in nsRDFXMLDataSource.cpp
extern nsresult
NS_NewRDFXMLDataSource(nsIRDFDataSource** aResult);

#endif // nsBaseDataSources_h__