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Bug 1412346 part 5: (automated patch) Switch a bunch of C++ files in layout to use our standard mode lines. r=jfkthame This patch was generated automatically by the "" script, available here: For every file that is modified in this patch, the changes are as follows: (1) The patch changes the file to use the exact C++ mode lines from the Mozilla coding style guide, available here: (2) The patch deletes any blank lines between the mode line & the MPL boilerplate comment. (3) If the file previously had the mode lines and MPL boilerplate in a single contiguous C++ comment, then the patch splits them into separate C++ comments, to match the boilerplate in the coding style. MozReview-Commit-ID: EuRsDue63tK

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#ifndef FrameChildList_h_
#define FrameChildList_h_

#include "nsFrameList.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"

class nsIFrame;

namespace mozilla {
namespace layout {

// enum FrameChildListID lives in nsFrameList.h to solve circular dependencies.

extern const char* ChildListName(FrameChildListID aListID);

class FrameChildListIDs {
friend class FrameChildListIterator;
  FrameChildListIDs() : mIDs(0) {}
  FrameChildListIDs(const FrameChildListIDs& aOther) : mIDs(aOther.mIDs) {}
  MOZ_IMPLICIT FrameChildListIDs(FrameChildListID aListID) : mIDs(aListID) {}

  FrameChildListIDs operator|(FrameChildListIDs aOther) const {
    return FrameChildListIDs(mIDs | aOther.mIDs);
  FrameChildListIDs& operator|=(FrameChildListIDs aOther) {
    mIDs |= aOther.mIDs;
    return *this;
  bool operator==(FrameChildListIDs aOther) const {
    return mIDs == aOther.mIDs;
  bool operator!=(const FrameChildListIDs& aOther) const {
    return !(*this == aOther);
  bool Contains(FrameChildListIDs aOther) const {
    return (mIDs & aOther.mIDs) == aOther.mIDs;

  explicit FrameChildListIDs(uint32_t aIDs) : mIDs(aIDs) {}
  uint32_t mIDs;

class FrameChildList {
  FrameChildList(const nsFrameList& aList, FrameChildListID aID)
    : mList(aList), mID(aID) {}
  nsFrameList mList;
  FrameChildListID mID;

 * A class to iterate frame child lists.
class MOZ_STACK_CLASS FrameChildListArrayIterator {
  explicit FrameChildListArrayIterator(const nsTArray<FrameChildList>& aLists)
    : mLists(aLists), mCurrentIndex(0) {}
  bool IsDone() const { return mCurrentIndex >= mLists.Length(); }
  FrameChildListID CurrentID() const {
    NS_ASSERTION(!IsDone(), "CurrentID(): iterator at end");
    return mLists[mCurrentIndex].mID;
  const nsFrameList& CurrentList() const {
    NS_ASSERTION(!IsDone(), "CurrentList(): iterator at end");
    return mLists[mCurrentIndex].mList;
  void Next() {
    NS_ASSERTION(!IsDone(), "Next(): iterator at end");

  const nsTArray<FrameChildList>& mLists;
  uint32_t mCurrentIndex;

 * A class for retrieving a frame's child lists and iterate them.
class MOZ_STACK_CLASS FrameChildListIterator
  : public FrameChildListArrayIterator {
  explicit FrameChildListIterator(const nsIFrame* aFrame);

  AutoTArray<FrameChildList,4> mLists;

inline mozilla::layout::FrameChildListIDs
operator|(mozilla::layout::FrameChildListID aLeftOp,
          mozilla::layout::FrameChildListID aRightOp)
  return mozilla::layout::FrameChildListIDs(aLeftOp) |

inline mozilla::layout::FrameChildListIDs
operator|(mozilla::layout::FrameChildListID aLeftOp,
          const mozilla::layout::FrameChildListIDs& aRightOp)
  return mozilla::layout::FrameChildListIDs(aLeftOp) | aRightOp;

} // namespace layout
} // namespace mozilla

inline void nsFrameList::AppendIfNonempty(
         nsTArray<mozilla::layout::FrameChildList>* aLists,
         mozilla::layout::FrameChildListID aListID) const
  if (NotEmpty()) {
    aLists->AppendElement(mozilla::layout::FrameChildList(*this, aListID));

#endif /* !defined(FrameChildList_h_) */