author Ehsan Akhgari <>
Thu, 25 Apr 2019 07:47:45 +0000
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Bug 1546390 - Enable determining whether the current document should respect resist fingerprinting mode on the main thread in OffscreenCanvas.toBlob(); r=baku Differential Revision:

load 0px-size-font-667225.html
load 0px-size-font-shadow.html
load 360293-1.html
load 421715-1.html
load 553938-1.html
load 647480.html
skip-if(Android&&browserIsRemote) load 727547.html # bug 1507207
load 729116.html
load 745699-1.html
load 746813-1.html
load 743499-negative-size.html
skip-if(Android) load 745818-large-source.html # Bug XXX - Crashes Android mid-run w/o a stack
load 767337-1.html
load 779426.html
skip-if(Android) load 780392-1.html
skip-if(Android) skip-if(gtkWidget&&isDebugBuild) load 789933-1.html # bug 1155252 for linux
load 794463-1.html
load 802926-1.html
skip-if(winWidget&&isDebugBuild&&/^Windows\x20NT\x206\.1/.test(http.oscpu)) load 844280.html # intermittent OOMs on Win7 debug
load 896047-1.html
load 916128-1.html
load 934939-1.html
load 989628.html
load 1099143-1.html
load 1161277-1.html
load 1183363.html
load 1190705.html
load 1223740-1.html
load 1225381-1.html
skip-if(azureCairo) load 1229983-1.html
load 1229932-1.html
load 1244850-1.html
load 1246775-1.html
load 1284356-1.html
load 1284578-1.html
skip-if(d2d) load 1287515-1.html
load 1287652-1.html
load 1288872-1.html
load 1290628-1.html
load 1283113-1.html
load 1286458-1.html
load 1296410-1.html
load 1298576-1.html
load 1299062-1.html
load 1305085-1.html
load 1305312-1.html
load 1305850.html
load 1334366-1.html
load 1334647-1.html
load 1349067.html
pref(gfx.offscreencanvas.enabled,true) load 1348976-1.html
load 1357092.html
load 1441613.html
pref(gfx.offscreencanvas.enabled,true) load 1443671.html
pref(gfx.offscreencanvas.enabled,true) load 1546390.html