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Bug 1246540 HSTS Priming Proof of Concept HSTS priming changes the order of mixed-content blocking and HSTS upgrades, and adds a priming request to check if a mixed-content load is accesible over HTTPS and the server supports upgrading via the Strict-Transport-Security header. Every call site that uses AsyncOpen2 passes through the mixed-content blocker, and has a LoadInfo. If the mixed-content blocker marks the load as needing HSTS priming, nsHttpChannel will build and send an HSTS priming request on the same URI with the scheme upgraded to HTTPS. If the server allows the upgrade, then channel performs an internal redirect to the HTTPS URI, otherwise use the result of mixed-content blocker to allow or block the load. nsISiteSecurityService adds an optional boolean out parameter to determine if the HSTS state is already cached for negative assertions. If the host has been probed within the previous 24 hours, no HSTS priming check will be sent. (r=ckerschb,r=mayhemer,r=jld,r=smaug,r=dkeeler,r=jmaher,p=ally)


# Install our generator
cp skia/third_party/externals/gyp/pylib/gyp/generator

# pushd skia
# for OS in win linux mac; do
#     GYP_GENERATORS=dump_mozbuild ./gyp_skia -D OS=$OS -D arm_neon=0 gyp/effects.gyp
# done
# popd