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/* representation of a value for a SMIL-animated CSS property */


#include "nsISMILType.h"
#include "nsCSSProperty.h"
#include "nscore.h" // For NS_OVERRIDE

class nsAString;

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {
class Element;
} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

 * nsSMILCSSValueType: Represents a SMIL-animated CSS value.
class nsSMILCSSValueType : public nsISMILType
  typedef mozilla::dom::Element Element;

  // Singleton for nsSMILValue objects to hold onto.
  static nsSMILCSSValueType sSingleton;

  // nsISMILType Methods
  // -------------------
  NS_OVERRIDE virtual void     Init(nsSMILValue& aValue) const;
  NS_OVERRIDE virtual void     Destroy(nsSMILValue&) const;
  NS_OVERRIDE virtual nsresult Assign(nsSMILValue& aDest,
                                      const nsSMILValue& aSrc) const;
  NS_OVERRIDE virtual bool     IsEqual(const nsSMILValue& aLeft,
                                       const nsSMILValue& aRight) const;
  NS_OVERRIDE virtual nsresult Add(nsSMILValue& aDest,
                                   const nsSMILValue& aValueToAdd,
                                   PRUint32 aCount) const;
  NS_OVERRIDE virtual nsresult ComputeDistance(const nsSMILValue& aFrom,
                                               const nsSMILValue& aTo,
                                               double& aDistance) const;
  NS_OVERRIDE virtual nsresult Interpolate(const nsSMILValue& aStartVal,
                                           const nsSMILValue& aEndVal,
                                           double aUnitDistance,
                                           nsSMILValue& aResult) const;

  // Helper Methods
  // --------------
   * Sets up the given nsSMILValue to represent the given string value.  The
   * string is interpreted as a value for the given property on the given
   * element.
   * On failure, this method leaves aValue.mType == nsSMILNullType::sSingleton.
   * Otherwise, this method leaves aValue.mType == this class's singleton.
   * @param       aPropID         The property for which we're parsing a value.
   * @param       aTargetElement  The target element to whom the property/value
   *                              setting applies.
   * @param       aString         The string to be parsed as a CSS value.
   * @param [out] aValue          The nsSMILValue to be populated. Should
   *                              initially be null-typed.
   * @param [out] aIsContextSensitive Set to PR_TRUE if |aString| may produce
   *                                  a different |aValue| depending on other
   *                                  CSS properties on |aTargetElement|
   *                                  or its ancestors (e.g. 'inherit).
   *                                  PR_FALSE otherwise. May be nsnull.
   *                                  Not set if the method fails.
   * @pre  aValue.IsNull()
   * @post aValue.IsNull() || aValue.mType == nsSMILCSSValueType::sSingleton
  static void ValueFromString(nsCSSProperty aPropID,
                              Element* aTargetElement,
                              const nsAString& aString,
                              nsSMILValue& aValue,
                              bool* aIsContextSensitive);

   * Creates a string representation of the given nsSMILValue.
   * Note: aValue is expected to be of this type (that is, it's expected to
   * have been initialized by nsSMILCSSValueType::sSingleton).  If aValue is a
   * freshly-initialized value, this method will succeed, though the resulting
   * string will be empty.
   * @param       aValue   The nsSMILValue to be converted into a string.
   * @param [out] aString  The string to be populated with the given value.
   * @return               PR_TRUE on success, PR_FALSE on failure.
  static bool ValueToString(const nsSMILValue& aValue, nsAString& aString);

  // Private constructor & destructor: prevent instances beyond my singleton,
  // and prevent others from deleting my singleton.
  nsSMILCSSValueType()  {}
  ~nsSMILCSSValueType() {}