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#include "nsDOMAnimationEvent.h"
#include "nsGUIEvent.h"
#include "nsDOMClassInfoID.h"
#include "nsIClassInfo.h"
#include "nsIXPCScriptable.h"

nsDOMAnimationEvent::nsDOMAnimationEvent(nsPresContext *aPresContext,
                                         nsAnimationEvent *aEvent)
  : nsDOMEvent(aPresContext, aEvent ? aEvent
                                    : new nsAnimationEvent(PR_FALSE, 0,
  if (aEvent) {
    mEventIsInternal = PR_FALSE;
  else {
    mEventIsInternal = PR_TRUE;
    mEvent->time = PR_Now();

  if (mEventIsInternal) {
    delete AnimationEvent();
    mEvent = nsnull;

DOMCI_DATA(AnimationEvent, nsDOMAnimationEvent)



nsDOMAnimationEvent::GetAnimationName(nsAString & aAnimationName)
  aAnimationName = AnimationEvent()->animationName;
  return NS_OK;

nsDOMAnimationEvent::GetElapsedTime(float *aElapsedTime)
  *aElapsedTime = AnimationEvent()->elapsedTime;
  return NS_OK;

nsDOMAnimationEvent::InitAnimationEvent(const nsAString & typeArg,
                                        bool canBubbleArg,
                                        bool cancelableArg,
                                        const nsAString & animationNameArg,
                                        float elapsedTimeArg)
  nsresult rv = nsDOMEvent::InitEvent(typeArg, canBubbleArg, cancelableArg);

  AnimationEvent()->animationName = animationNameArg;
  AnimationEvent()->elapsedTime = elapsedTimeArg;

  return NS_OK;

NS_NewDOMAnimationEvent(nsIDOMEvent **aInstancePtrResult,
                        nsPresContext *aPresContext,
                        nsAnimationEvent *aEvent)
  nsDOMAnimationEvent *it = new nsDOMAnimationEvent(aPresContext, aEvent);
  return CallQueryInterface(it, aInstancePtrResult);