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#include "nsIScriptLoaderObserver.h"
#include "nsIScriptElement.h"
#include "nsStubMutationObserver.h"
#include "prtypes.h"

 * Baseclass useful for script elements (such as <xhtml:script> and
 * <svg:script>). Currently the class assumes that only the 'src'
 * attribute and the children of the class affect what script to execute.

class nsScriptElement : public nsIScriptElement,
                        public nsStubMutationObserver
  // nsIScriptLoaderObserver

  // nsIMutationObserver

  nsScriptElement(mozilla::dom::FromParser aFromParser)
    : nsIScriptElement(aFromParser)

  // Internal methods

   * Check if this element contains any script, linked or inline
  virtual bool HasScriptContent() = 0;

   * Processes the script if it's in the document-tree and links to or
   * contains a script. Once it has been evaluated there is no way to make it
   * reevaluate the script, you'll have to create a new element. This also means
   * that when adding a src attribute to an element that already contains an
   * inline script, the script referenced by the src attribute will not be
   * loaded.
   * In order to be able to use multiple childNodes, or to use the
   * fallback mechanism of using both inline script and linked script you have
   * to add all attributes and childNodes before adding the element to the
   * document-tree.
  virtual nsresult MaybeProcessScript();