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Bug 1526588 - Fix some issues with js::GetFirstGlobalInCompartment and XPCWrappedNativeScope::UpdateWeakPointersInAllScopesAfterGC. r=bzbarsky Differential Revision:

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#include "WebBrowserPersistResourcesChild.h"

#include "WebBrowserPersistDocumentChild.h"

namespace mozilla {


WebBrowserPersistResourcesChild::WebBrowserPersistResourcesChild() {}

WebBrowserPersistResourcesChild::~WebBrowserPersistResourcesChild() = default;

    nsIWebBrowserPersistDocument* aDocument, const nsACString& aURI,
    nsContentPolicyType aContentPolicyType) {
  nsCString copiedURI(aURI);  // Yay, XPIDL/IPDL mismatch.
  SendVisitResource(copiedURI, aContentPolicyType);
  return NS_OK;

    nsIWebBrowserPersistDocument* aDocument,
    nsIWebBrowserPersistDocument* aSubDocument) {
  auto* subActor = new WebBrowserPersistDocumentChild();
  // As a consequence of how PWebBrowserPersistDocumentConstructor
  // can be sent by both the parent and the child, we must pass the
  // aBrowser and outerWindowID arguments here, but the values are
  // ignored by the parent.  In particular, the TabChild in which
  // persistence started does not necessarily exist at this point;
  // see bug 1203602.
  if (!Manager()->Manager()->SendPWebBrowserPersistDocumentConstructor(
          subActor, nullptr, 0)) {
    // NOTE: subActor is freed at this point.
    return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;
  // ...but here, IPC won't free subActor until after this returns
  // to the event loop.

  // The order of these two messages will be preserved, because
  // they're the same toplevel protocol and priority.
  // With this ordering, it's always the transition out of START
  // state that causes a document's parent actor to be exposed to
  // XPCOM (for both parent->child and child->parent construction),
  // which simplifies the lifetime management.
  return NS_OK;

    nsIWebBrowserPersistDocument* aDocument, nsresult aStatus) {
  Send__delete__(this, aStatus);
  return NS_OK;

}  // namespace mozilla