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Bug 1539996 [wpt PR 16092] - Adding WPT for accepting an offer to receive simulcast., a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-tests Adding WPT for accepting an offer to receive simulcast. This test checks that when a PeerConnection receives an offer from an SFU indicating that the SFU wants to receive simulcast, it generates an answer that negotiates sending simulcast. Bug: None Change-Id: I1b6623169a1c2fd18ee453bfbf8e63cee95e5bd3 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Harald Alvestrand <> Commit-Queue: Amit Hilbuch <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#644886} -- wpt-commits: c2bd80a32f478b4029307523d6ee02c2aa695b19 wpt-pr: 16092

# To trigger a clobber replace ALL of the textual description below,
# giving a bug number and a one line description of why a clobber is
# required. Modifying this file will make configure check that a
# clobber has been performed before the build can continue.
# MERGE NOTE: When merging two branches that require a CLOBBER, you should
#             merge both CLOBBER descriptions, to ensure that users on
#             both branches correctly see the clobber warning.
#                  O   <-- Users coming from both parents need to Clobber
#               /     \
#          O               O
#          |               |
#          O <-- Clobber   O  <-- Clobber
# Note: The description below will be part of the error message shown to users.
# Modifying this file will now automatically clobber the buildbot machines \o/

# Are you updating CLOBBER because you think it's needed for your WebIDL
# changes to stick? As of bug 928195, this shouldn't be necessary! Please
# don't change CLOBBER for WebIDL changes any more.

Bug 1533481 - Update to ICU 64 requires clobber