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Bug 1299515 - Plumb MediaStreamTrack enabled state to sources. r=jib MozReview-Commit-ID: Eg1g9JtLmOz

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(9e32a7b6-c4d1-4d9a-87b9-1ef6b75c27a9)]
interface nsIConsoleAPIStorage : nsISupports
   * Get the events array by inner window ID or all events from all windows.
   * @param string [aId]
   *        Optional, the inner window ID for which you want to get the array of
   *        cached events.
   * @returns array
   *          The array of cached events for the given window. If no |aId| is
   *          given this function returns all of the cached events, from any
   *          window.
  jsval getEvents([optional] in DOMString aId);

   * Record an event associated with the given window ID.
   * @param string aId
   *        The ID of the inner window for which the event occurred or "jsm" for
   *        messages logged from JavaScript modules..
   * @param string aOuterId
   *        This ID is used as 3rd parameters for the console-api-log-event
   *        notification.
   * @param object aEvent
   *        A JavaScript object you want to store.
  void recordEvent(in DOMString aId, in DOMString aOuterId, in jsval aEvent);

   * Clear storage data for the given window.
   * @param string [aId]
   *        Optional, the inner window ID for which you want to clear the
   *        messages. If this is not specified all of the cached messages are
   *        cleared, from all window objects.
  void clearEvents([optional] in DOMString aId);