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Bug 1254797 - Post: Ensure we ignore deleted sites in pinned query r=rnewman, a=ritu Pinned sites should be deleted directly, however I'm not confident enough in my knowledge of sync to be certain that we won't end up with deleted pinned sites in our table. (We use normal bookmark deletion for removing pinned sites.) MozReview-Commit-ID: SSLDkSXWlI

# <chromium-src-directory>
cp $1/media/base/yuv_convert.h .
cp $1/media/base/ yuv_convert.cpp
cp $1/media/base/yuv_row.h .
cp $1/media/base/ yuv_row_table.cpp
cp $1/media/base/ yuv_row_posix.cpp
cp $1/media/base/ yuv_row_win.cpp
cp $1/media/base/ yuv_row_c.cpp
patch -p3 <convert.patch
patch -p3 <win64.patch
patch -p3 <TypeFromSize.patch
patch -p3 <QuellGccWarnings.patch