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Bug 1045229 - Beacons are not associated with windows. The current window based filtering that the network monitor does will skip requests that come from sendBeacon(). Here we explictly look to see if the network channel is from beacon by looking at the loadinfo. r=dcamp, a=sledru

/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

#ifndef nsPrintSettingsGTK_h_
#define nsPrintSettingsGTK_h_

#include "nsPrintSettingsImpl.h"

extern "C" {
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gtk/gtkunixprint.h>

{ 0x758df520, 0xc7c3, 0x11dc, { 0x95, 0xff, 0x08, 0x00, 0x20, 0x0c, 0x9a, 0x66 } }

//***    nsPrintSettingsGTK

class nsPrintSettingsGTK : public nsPrintSettings


  // We're overriding these methods because we want to read/write with GTK objects,
  // not local variables. This allows a simpler settings implementation between
  // Gecko and GTK.

  GtkPageSetup* GetGtkPageSetup() { return mPageSetup; };
  void SetGtkPageSetup(GtkPageSetup *aPageSetup);

  GtkPrintSettings* GetGtkPrintSettings() { return mPrintSettings; };
  void SetGtkPrintSettings(GtkPrintSettings *aPrintSettings);

  GtkPrinter* GetGtkPrinter() { return mGTKPrinter; };
  void SetGtkPrinter(GtkPrinter *aPrinter);

  bool GetForcePrintSelectionOnly() { return mPrintSelectionOnly; };
  void SetForcePrintSelectionOnly(bool aPrintSelectionOnly) { mPrintSelectionOnly = aPrintSelectionOnly; };

  // If not printing the selection, this is stored in the GtkPrintSettings. Printing the
  // selection is stored as a protected boolean (mPrintSelectionOnly).
  NS_IMETHOD GetPrintRange(int16_t *aPrintRange);
  NS_IMETHOD SetPrintRange(int16_t aPrintRange);

  // The page range is stored as as single range in the GtkPrintSettings object.
  NS_IMETHOD GetStartPageRange(int32_t *aStartPageRange);
  NS_IMETHOD SetStartPageRange(int32_t aStartPageRange);
  NS_IMETHOD GetEndPageRange(int32_t *aEndPageRange);
  NS_IMETHOD SetEndPageRange(int32_t aEndPageRange);

  // Reversed, color, orientation and file name are all stored in the GtkPrintSettings.
  // Orientation is also stored in the GtkPageSetup and its setting takes priority when getting the orientation.
  NS_IMETHOD GetPrintReversed(bool *aPrintReversed);
  NS_IMETHOD SetPrintReversed(bool aPrintReversed);

  NS_IMETHOD GetPrintInColor(bool *aPrintInColor);
  NS_IMETHOD SetPrintInColor(bool aPrintInColor);

  NS_IMETHOD GetOrientation(int32_t *aOrientation);
  NS_IMETHOD SetOrientation(int32_t aOrientation);

  NS_IMETHOD GetToFileName(char16_t * *aToFileName);
  NS_IMETHOD SetToFileName(const char16_t * aToFileName);

  // Gets/Sets the printer name in the GtkPrintSettings. If no printer name is specified there,
  // you will get back the name of the current internal GtkPrinter.
  NS_IMETHOD GetPrinterName(char16_t * *aPrinter);
  NS_IMETHOD SetPrinterName(const char16_t * aPrinter);

  // Number of copies is stored/gotten from the GtkPrintSettings.
  NS_IMETHOD GetNumCopies(int32_t *aNumCopies);
  NS_IMETHOD SetNumCopies(int32_t aNumCopies);

  NS_IMETHOD GetScaling(double *aScaling);
  NS_IMETHOD SetScaling(double aScaling);

  // A name recognised by GTK is strongly advised here, as this is used to create a GtkPaperSize.
  NS_IMETHOD GetPaperName(char16_t * *aPaperName);
  NS_IMETHOD SetPaperName(const char16_t * aPaperName);

  NS_IMETHOD SetUnwriteableMarginInTwips(nsIntMargin& aUnwriteableMargin);
  NS_IMETHOD SetUnwriteableMarginTop(double aUnwriteableMarginTop);
  NS_IMETHOD SetUnwriteableMarginLeft(double aUnwriteableMarginLeft);
  NS_IMETHOD SetUnwriteableMarginBottom(double aUnwriteableMarginBottom);
  NS_IMETHOD SetUnwriteableMarginRight(double aUnwriteableMarginRight);

  NS_IMETHOD GetPaperWidth(double *aPaperWidth);
  NS_IMETHOD SetPaperWidth(double aPaperWidth);

  NS_IMETHOD GetPaperHeight(double *aPaperHeight);
  NS_IMETHOD SetPaperHeight(double aPaperHeight);

  NS_IMETHOD SetPaperSizeUnit(int16_t aPaperSizeUnit);

  NS_IMETHOD GetEffectivePageSize(double *aWidth, double *aHeight);

  NS_IMETHOD SetupSilentPrinting();

  NS_IMETHOD GetPageRanges(nsTArray<int32_t> &aPages);

  NS_IMETHOD GetResolution(int32_t *aResolution);
  NS_IMETHOD SetResolution(int32_t aResolution);

  NS_IMETHOD GetDuplex(int32_t *aDuplex);
  NS_IMETHOD SetDuplex(int32_t aDuplex);

  virtual ~nsPrintSettingsGTK();

  nsPrintSettingsGTK(const nsPrintSettingsGTK& src);
  nsPrintSettingsGTK& operator=(const nsPrintSettingsGTK& rhs);

  virtual nsresult _Clone(nsIPrintSettings **_retval);
  virtual nsresult _Assign(nsIPrintSettings *aPS);

  GtkUnit GetGTKUnit(int16_t aGeckoUnit);
  void SaveNewPageSize();

   * Re-initialize mUnwriteableMargin with values from mPageSetup.
   * Should be called whenever mPageSetup is initialized or overwritten.
  void InitUnwriteableMargin();

   * On construction:
   * - mPrintSettings, mPageSetup and mPaperSize are just new objects with defaults determined by GTK.
   * - mGTKPrinter is nullptr!!! Remember to be careful when accessing this property.
  GtkPageSetup* mPageSetup;
  GtkPrintSettings* mPrintSettings;
  GtkPrinter* mGTKPrinter;
  GtkPaperSize* mPaperSize;

  bool mPrintSelectionOnly;


#endif // nsPrintSettingsGTK_h_