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Bug 1045229 - Beacons are not associated with windows. The current window based filtering that the network monitor does will skip requests that come from sendBeacon(). Here we explictly look to see if the network channel is from beacon by looking at the loadinfo. r=dcamp, a=sledru

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

#ifndef __nsLookAndFeel
#define __nsLookAndFeel

#include "nsXPLookAndFeel.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "gfxFont.h"

struct _GtkStyle;

class nsLookAndFeel: public nsXPLookAndFeel {
    virtual ~nsLookAndFeel();

    virtual nsresult NativeGetColor(ColorID aID, nscolor &aResult);
    virtual nsresult GetIntImpl(IntID aID, int32_t &aResult);
    virtual nsresult GetFloatImpl(FloatID aID, float &aResult);
    virtual bool GetFontImpl(FontID aID, nsString& aFontName,
                             gfxFontStyle& aFontStyle,
                             float aDevPixPerCSSPixel);

    virtual void RefreshImpl();
    virtual char16_t GetPasswordCharacterImpl();
    virtual bool GetEchoPasswordImpl();

#if (MOZ_WIDGET_GTK == 2)
    struct _GtkStyle *mStyle;
    struct _GtkStyleContext *mBackgroundStyle;
    struct _GtkStyleContext *mViewStyle;
    struct _GtkStyleContext *mButtonStyle;

    // Cached fonts
    bool mDefaultFontCached;
    bool mButtonFontCached;
    bool mFieldFontCached;
    bool mMenuFontCached;
    nsString mDefaultFontName;
    nsString mButtonFontName;
    nsString mFieldFontName;
    nsString mMenuFontName;
    gfxFontStyle mDefaultFontStyle;
    gfxFontStyle mButtonFontStyle;
    gfxFontStyle mFieldFontStyle;
    gfxFontStyle mMenuFontStyle;

    // Cached colors
    nscolor sInfoBackground;
    nscolor sInfoText;
    nscolor sMenuBackground;
    nscolor sMenuBarText;
    nscolor sMenuBarHoverText;
    nscolor sMenuText;
    nscolor sMenuHover;
    nscolor sMenuHoverText;
    nscolor sButtonText;
    nscolor sButtonHoverText;
    nscolor sFrameBackground;
    nscolor sFrameOuterLightBorder;
    nscolor sFrameInnerDarkBorder;
    nscolor sOddCellBackground;
    nscolor sNativeHyperLinkText;
    nscolor sComboBoxText;
    nscolor sComboBoxBackground;
    nscolor sMozFieldText;
    nscolor sMozFieldBackground;
    nscolor sMozWindowText;
    nscolor sMozWindowBackground;
    nscolor sMozWindowSelectedText;
    nscolor sMozWindowSelectedBackground;
    nscolor sMozScrollbar;
    char16_t sInvisibleCharacter;
    float   sCaretRatio;
    bool    sMenuSupportsDrag;

    void Init();