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Bug 1093953 - (Part 1) Make CSS warnings expandable to show affected DOM elements. r=Honza This patch builds on [Bug 1537876]( which associates CSS selectors with error messages where applicable. This patch introduces a new React component, `CSSWarning`, for messages of type CSS. It forks the`PageError` component which was shared for `LOG` messages of type `JAVASCRIPT` and type `CSS`. The `CSSWarning` component is expandable when the message has an associated CSS selector. When expanded, it runs a `document.querySelectorAll()` command to list all elements matching the selector. Clicking on any of the elements in the result jumps to the Inspector and select the corresponding node in the markup view. Not all errors have associated CSS selectors. Not all selectors match elements. The errors/warnings are a result of the CSS Parser; there is no guarantee that the CSS rule is used anywhere on the document. The query may return an empty `NodeList`. Differential Revision:

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