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Bug 1474943 - Enable VP9 benchmark logic when using a non intel GPU on mac. r=mattwoodrow In bug 1404042, we determined that video playback of software based surface was very slow and power hungry when using the intel GPU, but was working okay when using the dGPU (either AMD or nVidia) So always return false in IsVP9DecodeFast when the current GPU is an Intel, as well as return a benchmark score of 0 Force a new run of the benchmarking by bumping the version number. Differential Revision:

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#include "MediaDataDemuxer.h"
#include "PlatformDecoderModule.h"
#include "QueueObject.h"
#include "mozilla/Maybe.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

namespace mozilla {

class TaskQueue;
class Benchmark;

class BenchmarkPlayback : public QueueObject
  friend class Benchmark;
  BenchmarkPlayback(Benchmark* aGlobalState, MediaDataDemuxer* aDemuxer);
  void DemuxSamples();
  void DemuxNextSample();
  void GlobalShutdown();
  void InitDecoder(TrackInfo&& aInfo);

  void Output(const MediaDataDecoder::DecodedData& aResults);
  void Error(const MediaResult& aError);
  void InputExhausted();

  // Shutdown trackdemuxer and demuxer if any and shutdown the task queues.
  void FinalizeShutdown();

  Atomic<Benchmark*> mGlobalState;

  RefPtr<TaskQueue> mDecoderTaskQueue;
  RefPtr<MediaDataDecoder> mDecoder;

  // Object only accessed on Thread()
  RefPtr<MediaDataDemuxer> mDemuxer;
  RefPtr<MediaTrackDemuxer> mTrackDemuxer;
  nsTArray<RefPtr<MediaRawData>> mSamples;
  size_t mSampleIndex;
  Maybe<TimeStamp> mDecodeStartTime;
  uint32_t mFrameCount;
  bool mFinished;
  bool mDrained;

// Init() must have been called at least once prior on the
// main thread.
class Benchmark : public QueueObject

  struct Parameters
      : mFramesToMeasure(UINT32_MAX)
      , mStartupFrame(1)
      , mTimeout(TimeDuration::Forever())

    Parameters(uint32_t aFramesToMeasure,
               uint32_t aStartupFrame,
               uint32_t aStopAtFrame,
               const TimeDuration& aTimeout)
      : mFramesToMeasure(aFramesToMeasure)
      , mStartupFrame(aStartupFrame)
      , mStopAtFrame(Some(aStopAtFrame))
      , mTimeout(aTimeout)

    const uint32_t mFramesToMeasure;
    const uint32_t mStartupFrame;
    const Maybe<uint32_t> mStopAtFrame;
    const TimeDuration mTimeout;

  typedef MozPromise<uint32_t, MediaResult, /* IsExclusive = */ true> BenchmarkPromise;

  explicit Benchmark(MediaDataDemuxer* aDemuxer,
                     const Parameters& aParameters = Parameters());
  RefPtr<BenchmarkPromise> Run();

  // Must be called on the main thread.
  static void Init();

  friend class BenchmarkPlayback;
  virtual ~Benchmark();
  void ReturnResult(uint32_t aDecodeFps);
  void ReturnError(const MediaResult& aError);
  void Dispose();
  const Parameters mParameters;
  RefPtr<Benchmark> mKeepAliveUntilComplete;
  BenchmarkPlayback mPlaybackState;
  MozPromiseHolder<BenchmarkPromise> mPromise;

class VP9Benchmark
  static bool IsVP9DecodeFast(bool aDefault = false);
  static const char* sBenchmarkFpsPref;
  static const char* sBenchmarkFpsVersionCheck;
  static const uint32_t sBenchmarkVersionID;
  static bool sHasRunTest;
  // Return the value of media.benchmark.vp9.fps preference (which will be 0 if
  // not known)
  static uint32_t MediaBenchmarkVp9Fps();
  static bool ShouldRun();